22 years old, liposuction to waist, lower abdomen, flanks and love handles

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Hola RealSelf peeps I've trolled this website for...

Hola RealSelf peeps I've trolled this website for almost a month now looking at everyone's reviews. I've seen some amazing results and experiences on here as well as some awful ones, as expected. However, I've finaaaallyyyy made up my mind to go for it and make myself happy. I'm very healthy, I've lost over 60 lbs in the last three years and I've gained back 15lbs. However at my skinniest I've still had insecurities with my lower abdomen and love handles. They just never left. Hopefully I can finally do something about it. I'm still looking for my doctor , I have one more consultation tomorrow and I'll make my decision. I'm hoping for a scheduled date of 03/24th. I'll keep you guys posted after tomorrow but in the meantime here are some before pics. If you guys have any suggestions or comments please feel free to let me know. Also, I've been trying to figure out if I should do smart lipo or tumescent lipo. I've seen great results with both but I can't help but think you achieve better results with tumescent lipo. Any thoughts on this????

Consultation with Dr. Sergey Voskin

So I went for my consultation with Dr Sergey Voskin yesterday, and to my surprised the place was really packed, or really small. One or the other. My appointment was at 1:30 I got there at 1:20 am did not get seen until about 2:50. I didn't mind the wait because my boyfriend was with me but the staff wasn't updating me frequently enough on what was going on, ESPECIALLY for someone who's been waiting a hour plus some. If that's the case, why set an appointment in the first place? ANYWAY, the place was nice looking and really clean, so that was good. When I finally met Dr Voskin, he struck me as someone who was knowledgeable and confident about what he was doing. When he looked through my garment at my stomach before I even got to say anything he begun on my love handles and explained they had to go. This wow'd me I'm not going to lie because without me saying a word about where I wanted the procedure done he had already pointed it out. He also emphasized that those areas must go which made me more confident that he would do whatever he had to make sure they were gone. Overall the consultation was fine, I got my quote and was ready to book my day until Maddy, one of the staff tells me that the next available booking is in JUNE!!!! June 21st at that. That is wayyyyy too far for me, this is a procedure I'm looking to do by the end of the month or early April the latest. I feel like by June, I'd be bigger and depressed as hell, or I would've lost a shit load of weight and have no need for it, but by then I wouldn't have a choice to stick with it because I put down my deposit. So therefore, I'm still my quest.... I actually would've loved to do my procedure with Voskin, but I guess it wasn't meant. Do you guys have any doctors you can recommend who are really good with treating the love handles area??? Thanks for reading!

Wish pic

This is actually a resident of realself and I think her results are amazing!!!! This is what I'm going for or something close.

Dr Khan, LaserTouch Aesthetics, White Plains, NY reviews???

Have any of you tried Lasertouch aesthetics in White Plains, NY ? Dr Khan? I went to him initially and I think he might be my doctor for this procedure. Feedback anyone?!! Pleaseeee

I got a DATE!!

Hey guys, so I finally found a doctor! I'm gonna go to Dr. Arnaldo Valls in Miami, FL. I haven't met or spoke to him yet but his surgicoordinator Alexandra was amazing in helping me through the process. I did my research on Dr. Valls and his work looks good. I'm hoping my results are the same but we'll see! My date is April 12th. I'm so excited. Has any of you guys tried Dr.Vall??

Dr. Valls Miami, Lipo on 10 Places

Hey guys, I've been booked with Dr.Valls in Miami and I want to know if you guys had any reviews to share on him? I'm getting lipo on my lower abdomen, flanks, love handles, and waist. I'm excited but unsure about the dr because I initially wanted Hasan or Calva, but they're all booked out far. So far I've seen ok work by Valls on the website, but I'm still super unsure. I want my stomach SNATCHED!

22 Finally Getting Lipo to Lower Abdomen, Love Handles, Flanks, and Waist

Hey dolls, I started a review for my consultation process but I figured since I actually scheduled a date for my surgery I should start a new review! My sx date is April 12th less than 4 weeks away and I'm super nervous, excited, and anxiooooouussssss. My doctor is Arnaldo Valls from Eres Plastic Surgery in Miami, Fl. I initially wanted Dr.Calva but he had no available dates that worked for me :( I wanted a date that was relatively close but far enough for me get my life together lol. I haven't spoken to Dr.Valls and the reviews on here a mixed as hell with him; I'm just hoping I get the results I would like as I don't think I have much fat around my abdomen area for him to not get it ALL! I'll post some wish pics. However, I decided to be content with Dr.Valls because he has 4 decades of experience & no deaths. Also, I do believe he's someone who delivers realistic results judging from his before and after reviews. But anywaaaayyyyyy, I'll be flying into Miami on April 10th and my preop appointment is on April 11th. I'm sooooo nervous, I hope everything goes well. However, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what supplies I'll need. Most of the forums on here are for BBLs (although I'm considering asking the doctor to add a tinyyyy bit of fat to my booty for roundness) don't exactly want a BBL, just a rounder booty. We'll see what he says haha. Does anyone recommend any supplies that I'll definitely need for just liposuction?? Btw, here are some pics of what I'm dealing with now :'(

Can you say addicted?

Any of you guys also spend hours and hours looking at other lovely ladies before & afters?? I'm officially addicted. I can't wait to get this over with lol 3 and a half weeks left. Here some more pics btw :)

Pics didn't upload?

Lab work complete

Labs and blood work done, just waiting on the results. I really hope I'm good to go and have no issues, I just can't take any more stress lmao

Me at my skinniest in 2014

I can't lie... I LOOKED GOOD. 23lbs lighter than I am now :( I don't wanna be this skinny again but def closer to this than I am now.

Scaring myself...

So it's 13 days away from my surgery and I'm scaring myself. I'm super worried that I won't get the results I want and I'm gonna waste my time and money. I kept telling myself I should be okay once I let the dr know sternly what I want but with all of his mixed reviews I feel like it's a hit or miss. Honestly, it's too late to do anything about it but I'm just so worried. Ugh, kind of just want this over with :( OH and I'm feeling extra fat today, so yeah there's that too.

Considering a BBL now

So initially I just wanted lipo, but NOWW I'm considering a slight BBL. Not sure what to do, everyone says I don't need it but I think I want it. Not a full blown BBL but I just want a rounder and firmer booty. Idk if that's even considered a full BBL I guess I'm not sure, any recommendations lately? I'm 9 days away! Help!!! I was thinking about paying for it when I got there.


Hey guys so my blood work and ekg was reviewed and deemed normal, so I'm all set. I can't believe I'm literally 8 days away, I don't feel like it's hit me yet and probably won't until I'm on a plane on my way to Florida. I'm not even nervous just excited now!!!

Trying on clothes while packing

So all of these are with my waist cincher on I just hope I can look close to this!!! Ohhh and that little back roll is from the waist cincher lol I have no back rolls at all, but I figured out I don't need a BBL I have enough hips and ass for my liking. What y'all think???? I'm THREE days away!

Made it to my preop

Can't believe surgery's tomorrow :)


Enjoying my preop day. Can't wait for my boyfriend to come tonight he's still in NYC all stressed out lol

I made it.

I'll post a more detailed update later but surgery was at 11 and I left Eres at 3. Not sure how I look yet, not sure of anything yet but I'm hungry and my pain is a 7/10

1 day post op

So far so good. I've been swollen ever since. I'll take more pics on day 5


Hey guys so I thought I'd post an update on how my experience went with Eres and Dr. Valls. So my appointment was at 9am I got to Eres at 9am feeling a mess, anxious, nervous, excited and all of that. Anyway I finally got called in like at like 9:40am. My medical assistant made my boyfriend sign some papers and then told me we were getting ready to get started. I took my drug test, and met with Dr. Valls. He's a very sweet old man, made me feel extremely comfortable. He marked me up, I met with the anesthesiologist and went into surgery around 11am. I woke up at around 2:45pm after surgery. To my surprise I did not have ANY issues with Eres and their staff, I actually have no complaints, everything went smoothly. Upon waking up from surgery I initially I remember feeling some discomfort and as expected my garment was already on, idk how. I bled all the way home, I must say my BOYFRIEND HAS BEEN AMAZING SO FAR THROUGH THIS PROCESS. He has been doing everything for me since surgery. Idk how I would've gotten through this process with out him. He cooked for me, changed me, washed my garment and showered me and most importantly comforted me. I wasn't in a crazy amount of pain but I was extremely sore, weak, exhausted and numb coming out of surgery. I'd rate the pain about a 6/10. However ladies make sure you have someone who's willing to take care of you by any means necessary through this process. Ohhhh and the most annoying part of this surgery has been the drain. The drain has made me cry and I have a high pain tolerance but the drain is annoying as fuck. Sleeping wasn't too bad, uncomfortable as you can imagine but I've been sleeping on my stomach, sometimes I switch to my sides when my stomach gets sore. I've had two massages so far, they hurt and are uncomfortable, PERIOD. I'm on day 4 and I feel like my garment is a little too loose but my MA told me I need to have a loose garment for at least the first 2 weeks to avoid any burning to my skin but I feel like because the garment is a little loose my waist isn't being completely snatched in. I do like that my love handles are basically gone but I'm REALLYYYY SWOLLEN still and it's hard to see my results with all this fluff. NOT TO MENTION, I just got my period today, yippie :( . I am not the happiest person today :( I feel so fat and bloated, almost like a hippo andddd my cramps are in full effect. I swear my pain from my period is worst than anything I experienced this week. Sigh this week has been tough but I'm hoping for a better week next week and hopefully by my 2 weeks post all of this fluff can be down a bit so I can fully see what I'm working with. Anyway, I fly back home on Tuesday and back to work next Monday. I'm hoping the swelling is down a lot by then. I'll post pics after my period lmao

1 day post op front

Here's a before and after from the front of my post op day 1


So I had my last massage today in Miami, actually didn't hurt but instead felt good. Sooooo, I came to get my drain checked at Eres and to my surprise they're CHANGING THEIR NAME AGAIN! The name on the building was down and and on the doors. I just asked and they said they're IMAGENES now. What the heck???? lol that's crazy. Anyone knows of this or why??? ERES IS NOT ERES anymore!

Patience is a virtue

Hey dolls, so I flew back home on Tuesday and I've just been in bed relaxing since then. I'm still really swollen like a bitch, and having my period 4 days after surgery did not help. I'm just big, i felt like I looked bigger than before my surgery so I measured my waist and lower abdomen area and it's literally an inch or two more than where I started. THE SWELLING is real smh. I have no bruising and l barely have any pain but I'm anxious to see what I look like without all of this swelling. I keep looking at my post op day 1 pic and I honestly looked better then than I do now 1 week in. I'm just trying to stay positive and give myself until week 3 for some significant changes. I've been eating okay, taking my arnica pills and using my gel. I just ordered a hand massager so I can massage myself everyday and another garment. I still have my drain in that I plan on removing tomorrow because as of today and yesterday I've been draining less than 25cc. Can't wait to remove this devil thing as it has been hell! I go back to work on Monday, I hope I'll be okay at work as sitting down and straight up is still kind of a challenge. I can't sit all the way back as it's still pretty uncomfortable on my back. I have a desk job so I'm sitting for 8 hours so I might just use a pillow for my back. I'm praying it'll all be good though because I don't want to take anymore days off. Anyway, everything else is so good so far. I'll wait until my 3 week mark to make my final decision on how I feel with my results.

New pics!

So far today has been the day that I've finally seen some changes since I've been swollen. I'm still super swollen but so far so good! I'm really happy and I'm not even two weeks post op yet!!

5 weeks :)

Not gonna lie, I've gained weight since surgery. But my stomach is still litttttttttyyyyy lol


I know it's been a while.. But I had to stay off of realself for a little while... During my healing process I found myself getting frustrated because I thought I wasn't seeing the results that some of these other women received on here... Staying off of realself helped me realize that everyone's body is different and unique and surely enough, I started seeing the results I was looking for! Couldn't be happier... I'm gonna be 3 months post today but here are some pics from like 2 months and 3 weeks. :)

More pics...

Before and after... AND MY ASS LOOKS GREAT NOW WITH NO BBL, just all that excess fat removed from my lower back.
Miami Physician

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