Getting Liposuction of my Upper and Lower Back - Mandeville, LA

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I had a tummy tuck about 7 weeks ago and I am...

I had a tummy tuck about 7 weeks ago and I am looking forward to getting liposuction to finish it out. Waiting to heal from my Ba, BL, lipo of my flanks, and TT with MR was the best option for me. Doing it in two stages is allowing my PS to get more aggressive with the liposuction to my back. As great as my results are, I just feel like when I wear my compression garments they kind of show my back fat too much. I am having trouble finding a lot of information about recovery from liposuction. Im hoping it means it'll be a cakewalk in comparison of what I have been through so far. Anyway, looking forward to sharing how it goes!

Pictures before my revision and back lipo

Just adding some pictures for my before revision and liposuction of my upper and lower back.

One day post revision

Had my revision and liposuction on my back yesterday. So far I am loving the results even though I am very swollen still. He removed 2.5 liters from my back. i had a revision due to dog ears.
Mandeville Plastic Surgeon

I will talk about Dr. Boudreaux and his staff to anyone who will listen. He graduated top of his class (top 3) in every stage of his career. Pre med, medical school, surgeon school, and finally becoming a board certified plastic surgeon. His staff is amazing. They recognize you by name and genuinely remember your concerns from previous visits. My best friend ended up going with them for her BA and they remembered we were friends and went as far as to say "have you seen Steffane since her surgery, wow what a difference". They're very professional and I am seeing him again for my liposuction. All of your visits are included. If you decide that you want to visit him once a month for a consultation for a year before you even decide to book surgery thats fine, its all included. Before my BA, I flipped back and forth between just getting a lift, then getting implants, then changed the size of my implants twice. That was all over the course of a month and every week I was never made to feel like I was bothering him or taking up too much of his time. He dedicates tuesdays and thursdays as office days for patients and performs surgery monday, wednesday, and friday. Body by Boudreaux is the way to go!

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