Pain with Vaser Lipo on Hips/flanks and Stomach

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I had Vaser Lipo Wed 9th Dec, hips/flanks and...

I had Vaser Lipo Wed 9th Dec, hips/flanks and stomach. The procedure went well, took about 2hours 30mins, the female surgeon and nurse were great and really friendly and chatted to me through out the procedure like friends.

But and this is a big but I didnt expect the amount of pain that came on when I got home. Iam talking stomach pain that had me screaming in agony, my partner was panic stricken and so was my daughter who helped me through it, dont know what I would have done without her.My daughter phoned the emergency help line of the company I used, the nurse that answered got in touch with the surgeon who phoned later on in the evening. By this time the pain had subsided and gradually stopped (thank god)but now have a swollen stomach. Felt frightened and really quite ill while all this was happening.

Its now 2.35pm Friday 11th and I still feel ill, it feels now like iv been kicked in the stomach and hip area,takes me all my time to walk about or do anything at all. Had cosmetic surgery before, had my boobs done and my eyes but never experienced this pain before. God I hope things improve.

Just thought I would share my experience with people.

Its now Fri 4th Feb 2011, about 14 months after...

Its now Fri 4th Feb 2011, about 14 months after the treatment.The pain did go away eventually after about 3 months.The results have taken about 12 months to take effect and iv noticed some difference but not a lot so I thought it was expensive for the results I got. My waist and hips are slimmer but my stomach looks just the same but lumpy.(it wasnt before i had it done)Some people have amazing results but it didnt happen in my case so was bit disappointed especially with the amount of pain I had. Would i recommend it,yes why not, suppose different people get different results.Would i have it done again,
yes i would if i had the money and it wasnt so expensive.(wouldnt have my stomach done again). Hope this helps.

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What happened wasnt the doctors fault, she told me id had an adverse reaction.

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