So Painful to Take Out, but Only on Day 2!

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I've got my first sets and was after a bit of...

I've got my first sets and was after a bit of advice: When I take the aligners out they get stuck on the plastic attachments that are on my teeth. The attachments are really sharp and seem to point upwards on my upper teeth, is this normal to keep them in place? It honestly feels like I'm pulling my teeth out when I take them out. I'm fine with the aching, I expect it and to be honest it is quite comforting as it shows my teeth are moving (hopefully!). What I'm looking for is a bit of reassurance I guess from other people on here - are your attachments really sharp and do they wear down a bit - or do I need to get myself back to the dentists?

I can't comment on the result yet, although having read some of the reviews on here I'm a bit worried now. My teeth are ok anyway, I just want them to be perfect, so I hope that this isn't a counterproductive experience. What I would say is that they are NOT invisible. Maybe it's because I'm on my first set, so my teeth aren't straight, but you can clearly see it and the attachments are noticeable even from a distance. Any feedback would be gratefully accepted!

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I'm undecided as yet, but they could be a bit more 'caring'....

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