Finally Started my Botox Treatment After Years of Being Fobbed of with Pills That Dont Work! Manchester, GB

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Suffers from hemepligic migraine since being 15,...

Suffers from hemepligic migraine since being 15, now 37. Tried every medicine under the sun, plus massage, and anything else :) I lose far too many days/weeks to migraines
Botox is my final Chance of normality
So after reading things on the internet I went into the hospital for my injections very apprehensive; however my consultant was fantastic he explained everything. The fear I had about it shutting down my throat muscles (after reading the full allergan sheet) was laid to rest as he explained this was a risk when treating another illness, and he was using different muscles etc
Also I had dead got could lie down for 4 hours etc again he said this wasn't correct.
So the procedure took around 25 mins (not 1hr 30mins ) as I had read and I received 31 injections in my face, head, neck / shoulders. Some were slightly more painful than others, mainly my neck and shoulders as this is where my pain is intense with my migraines too. But they didn't hurt much more than the occipital nerve block I used to get every few months that only gave a slight relief.
Straight after I felt a bit sickly and had some head pressure and slight soreness in the injections site but nothing I couldn't handle, so I took a leisurely walk around Ikea to take my mind off it.
A couple of hours later I felt tired and slightly more sore so I had a nap ... the thing which was the most painful is my right shoulder/arm. It hurts to move. Even my hand. It feels like I have been lifting mega heavy weights. This is the side I struggle with the most when I have pain as it radiates from my head to my neck and shoulder, so I expect this muscle will need time to adjust.

Day 2
I'm in slightly more pain today, but I'm keeping moving as sitting is no good both sides of my neck/shoulders ache, but differently to when I have a migraine.
Migraine wise I have the start of one on my left side but it's not full blown yet we will see what tomorrow brings. I have all my start up symptoms ...weird smells, tummy issues,numbness..fingers crossed I don't lose any time, I don't think it works that fast though
Dr Garcia

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