Bad Reaction to Botox - Manchester, UK

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I had botox injection for my wrinkles on my...

I had botox injection for my wrinkles on my forehead a few months ago. The injection stung a little but weren't too bad at all. At first i had a little swelling around the injection site, like a bee sting. Within 1 hour I had small lumps appearing around the sites. I followed the post care sheet and did not lie down or bend down for the quoted amount of hours. Within 5 hours I had large lumps appearing which were hard and by brows felt really heavy. By the next morning it was evident there was something seriously wrong. Mt forehead was three times the size and I could hardly open my eyes. The sites did not itch but just felt sore and heavy. I had to visit the emergency department at hospital who said I had, had a sever reaction to the botox injections and I was given antibiotics, anti-immflamatories and anti histamines.

The swelling did not go down for two weeks and my blurred vision stayed for another two weeks after. I could not close my eyelids properly. I had to ice pack the swelling for two weeks. Eventually the reaction went and the results were quite good, but most definitely not worth it. I would never have it again!

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