DYSPORT - Who Can You Trust? - Manassas, VA

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I tried botox last year and the surgeon was...

I tried botox last year and the surgeon was fantastic, sadly he was overseas. I came here and had a "Dr Mitch" in VA beach who ended up being a eye Dr and never said he wasn't a cosmetic surgeon (my fault for not triple checking) it didn't work and I lost $$. I tried dysport last week and was told it would show in a few days, I called today to say nothing happened and was told by "Pat" the "nurse" that it would take a few more days (ok no problem its been 4 days) then she said "but you won't see wrinkles or lines go, its just there to stop you from frowning" REALLY? SERIOUSLY? someone pls tell me I didn't spend all that hard earned $$ which by the way is WAY MORE than anyone else charges (I went as I thought the Dr had great reviews EVERYWHERE so he must be worth it) just so I can't frown for 3 mths? I have read everywhere including on realself that it is supposed to LESSEN and diminish lines so WTF? $620?! I will let you know what happens in another 3 days! I don't have hard lines just crows feet and frown line between brows.

Dysport-Can Dr's get away with not rectifying issues?

I said I would update and its been 3 Wks. Again, the dysport did not show any improvement after spending several hundred dollars I would expect the surgeon to rectify the situation. It didn't help when the nurse made a statement over the phone stating "dysport DOESNT improve any lines etc. it just helps stop future ones" Seriously?? (I mentioned in a previous post) Honestly, I believe I should be given a refund as I do not have the time to travel 8 hours. Are Dr's required to rectify issues or provide alternate treatment or even refund? I am curious as the last two would not. And the Dr I saw this time was Dr BITAR in Manassas. So I've seen Dr Hugo, who I wrote about (rude all about the $) and I saw Dr Mitch a surgeon I was led to believe was a cosmetic surgeon but was in fact an eye specialist and now this highly reviewed individual (mostly boob jobs)

Showed me pics of before wrinkles galore and after pics of no wrinkles (amazing right?) procedure is supposed to take 10-20 mins took all of about 3 mins if that (not including the 1 1/2 hrs waiting duration from start to finish. Felt like not carefully put in, it was very fast and I heard punch like pops where he popped it in and out fast. Eye area at the side was a little more slower and not jabbed in.

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