Pain After Coolsculpting - Malaysia

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Hi, I had my procedure done on abdomen 11 days ago...

I had my procedure done on abdomen 11 days ago. It has been 3 days and very long nights in a horrible pain I did not even experience after my C section. WHY WHY WHY the doctors don't warn us ? Instead they advertise it as a pain free procedure! I have never experienced anything like this, at times I was short of breath, it looked like I was was going to die!!!
Thanks god to this blog where I found out about Neurotin and Malaysia where you don't need a prescription to buy it, for the first time in the last 100 hours I feel a little better. But still in pain! Whatever they say, lipo would have been easier with the right pain killers and immediate results, I think it should be compulsory to tell patients the Truth about possible agony after the procedure, cose this ain't a joke kinda pain, this is such a HUGE stress to the whole body that it might take a form of anorexia in 2weeks without waiting for the results!!!


Hi guys, the shooting pain has decreased to a level of 6-8 attacks in 24 hours and not as strong anymore. But there is still a lot of hypersensitivity in the treated area. I feel like dancing, because I was thinking to go to a doctor and beg him to give me morphin or ask him to kill me straightaway if he cant help me.
I think the procedure is a bit of a gamble, if you are young and strong you can survive, but if you are over 40-45 or have heart, NERVE issues, or even the strongest person in the universe, you will go through hell.
When machine pulls your bits inside (at least for those with not so much fat) you feel like you are being driven over, they say it doesnt hurt, but it does the first 10 min and it is a shocking feeling! it is quite a big stress for all your system!
Anyways, please be careful and research other ways of making your body perfect before you do cool sculpting...
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They didn't tell me what to expect

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