Matrix RF - Malaysia

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Since 2007 i have suffered from bad acne and it...

Since 2007 i have suffered from bad acne and it left me with scars on my cheek. I still suffer from severe blackheads and clogged pores until now.
6 months ago i decided to go for matrix rf after ipl ruined my skin(made my skin drier and clogged my pores).

Now, after six session of matrix rf, my face sagged more and i look sad due to the sagging. I was wondering perhaps its because ot the rf eye treatment that i bought together, for each time the therapist does my eyes, she would acctually place the nozzle below my eyes and pull it down. I have not seen any improvement exept i look "sad" now as if someone died or something. Im so disapointed. I still have 6 more session to go but now im starting to wonder if i should carry on. Im afraid ill look like a bulldog if i carry on. I dont need to be super preety. I just need to have a better skin texture and firm face. Ps. I want to upload my photo but i couldnt find the add photo option. Could sombody tell me where it is?

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