31yo Asian wanting to have Rhinoplasty

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I've been wanting to have a better looking nose...

I've been wanting to have a better looking nose that would complement my face ever since i was younger. By the time i know i was ready i started looking for a surgeon here locally in San Diego and found a surgeon i like, my surgery was suppose to be last June but a house emergency happened so i had to use some of my "nose fund" to fix the damage. At first i thought that was it no more rhinoplasty but when i decided to take a vacation back to the Philippines, i realized i could just have surgery there instead. If anyone's gonna ask who i picked here in SD, it's Sky Facial Plastic Surgery, my second choice was Dr. Hilinsky.

I sent inquiries to Dr. Rino Lorenzo, Dr. Eric Yapjuangco, Dr. Reynald Torres, Dr. Levi Lansangan, The Belo Medical Grp., and Beverly Hills Phil.

Dr. Rino was the first one who replied to me, i sent him some of my pictures and then he explained to me the procedure, expectations, cost, packages, etc. I like the way he explain things in the email especially about my nose. It was funny when he said "hopefully he doesn't offend me". I work in healthcare and his description of my nose is far from being offensive, i don't like my nose to begin with anyway. :-) Dr. Rino's package was Php 90,000 and this is using Gore Tex implant for the bridge, cartilage for my tip and alarplasty. So this is pretty much lesser than $2000. I told him my dates and i'm glad he is available to do surgery before New Year's Eve :-) This price is fixed.

Dr. Yapjuangco gave me the same quote for the same procedure using the same sources, however, he will be out of the country and will be back early Jan 2017. :-( I had to cross him out. This price is fixed though.

Dr. Torres gave me a quote of Php100,000 so that's around $2150, for the same procedure and sources. This price is fixed.

Belo Med gave me an estimate for the same procedure using the same sources for Php 114,960 so that's almost $2500. They don't do email consultations though and this price could change. Crossing this out of my list.

Dr. Lansangan has not email back yet after i sent him my pictures last week. Crossing him out of my list.

Beverly Hills Phil. also gave me estimates:
Nose bridge augmentation from Php35,000-Php130,000 so that's around $750-$2800
Alarplasty is Php30,000 so this less $650
Tipplasty is Php30,000-Php50,000 so this one's from $650-$1080. Had to cross this out from my list too since estimates does not work with me.

I was initially leaning towards Dr. Rino in the first place and him being available on the dates i requested was a (for me) a good sign, plus, his office did an overseas call to me just to let me know that they emailed the package list, Dr. Rino even called me after that so that was surprising, my Primary Care Doctor here doesn't even call me personally LoL......I plan on having surgery early so I can heal early too, before I fly back home. Now everything is set; my face-to-face consultation day and surgery date. Paid my reservation fee via Xoom. ????????????????

I promise to update everyone.

Another price quote

Dr. Levi Lansangan finally sent me a package for Gore Tex implant for the nasal bridge, cartilage for the nasal tip and Alar trimming, the price is the same with Dr. Torres which is Php 100,000 so that's around $2150.

Surgery cancelled

I had to cancel my rhinoplasty because i found out we're expecting!! :-)

Dr. Lorenzo told me around 3 months after my delivery, i can have my surgery. ????????
Dr. Rino Lorenzo

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