Rhinoplasty with Dr Alejandro Nogueira in Madrid - Spain, ES - 31st May 2016

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I am post op and booked in for Rhinoplasty, uplift...

I am post op and booked in for Rhinoplasty, uplift and implants on the 31st May.

I have started a review regarding BA so thought I would start a separate review on the Rhinoplasty.

To say I'm nervous is an understatement. I was originally going to have the proceedures in Wroclaw, Poland, with Adam Kalecinski. Issues arose regarding my fears of being turned down for the implants so I cancelled my appointment.

I reached other doctors and came across Dr Alejandro Nogueira, from a review he wrote on this site. I thought it was a very coherent and accurate review. Very matter of fact and down to earth. I did further research from there.

I have currently not seen any negative reviews; although someone else considering him, found a few. That's perplexed me as I research thoroughly. Can't find anything unless they have since been removed.

There are not many reviews with full coverage of the proceedure, ie from beginning to end, so I thought I would contribute. So stick with me!

Having had two conversations with the doctor, I feel a little more at ease. But still worried and constantly asking myself if I'm doing the right thing. The more I read the nervous it makes me feel.

I will be travelling alone and staying in Madrid for two weeks. My choice as I want to travel home when I'm feeling more comfortable. Not wanting to rush through anything.

The tip of my nose is split along the cartlage tip. My nose is over projected and I have a slight bump on my ridge and a deviated septum.

I hope post surgery I will see a big difference in these issues. I pray it will look better and not worse. This is where the trust comes in.

I would love to hear back from others who have had cosmetic proceedures with this PS. Any tips for preparation from fellow friends will really help.

I will post some pics now and follow on with reviews throughout. XX

I'm so pleased with having chosen Dr Alejandro Nogueira in Madrid. Have read more of his comments on realself. I'm feeling far m

OMG, just 6 more days and I will be on the operating table. I am so obsessed with reading about other people's experiences/before and after results. However, I remember the pre op advice I was given when signing up for your operation with the Dr Alejandro Nogueira. They say you must try not to become obsessed reading Internet articles, and concentrate on your daily tasks and work. I totally agree but can't help myself!! I must stop!!

Anyway, just a note to say that after reading through Dr Alejandro Nogueira answers, from realself postings, I am feeling even more reassured that my choice has been the best choice. This is why:

Dr Alejandro Nogueira, is a UK GMC registered plastic surgeon - number 7357207 - as well as registered in Spain, Madrid, where his practice almost exlusively caters to English speaking patients coming from the UK and USA, also other countries; he is a renowned surgeon.

Someone mentioned from a Facebook posting I did, that I was in fact working for this surgeon and trying to poach other surgeons clients.....OMG!!! If they only new... I'm terrified, as this is my first ever operation....so consequently, I'm going to do in depth research...I can't help it. I feel sharing what I find may help others who are also considering the same proceedure. I don't care who they choose. I'm not affiliated with ANY SURGEON and think that comment is a laugh a minute!! I just want to help others who have also helped me to write a review.

I personally think that writing down your thoughts and sharing them with others, is an essential part of the process. It helps me emotionally and psychologically to share my feelings and post comments to others. Albeit through a good or bad outcome!! I hope others out there think the same?

That in mind...I will continue to write down my thoughts and share my experiences with like minded individuals who want to read them. I am pre op so have nothing to gain from this. I wish I had, as I would save a bloody fortune!! I have posted pictures so have nothing to hide. Whatever the outcome be it good or bad, I will share openly on this page. If you read my reviews, I can honestly say you are on this road with me! Just hold my hand please, as I will be out there on my own! X

My recovery vitamin tablets. Pre and post op.

My meds of which I have stopped taking now prior to my op and will start again after my op after getting advice from my surgeon.

Wasn't going to post this but thought it may interest some of you. So posting a brief list. Let me know if it helps you to decide how to prepare and aid recovery.

List before surgery:
Multinutrient high in Vit B
CoQ10. Helps with cellular repair after surgery
Vit C as surgery can deplete this and Vit C helps with healing and necessary for production of collagen
Milk Thistle protects, rejuvenates and repairs the liver. General anesthesia and other medications can be hard on the liver
Zinc picolonate critical for wound healing
Probiotic helps counteract digestive disturbances and fungal disorders.

After surgery:
Vit B 6 helps reduce post surgical fluid retention
Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation
Bromelain pineapple enzyme helps prevent blood clots aids liver digestion, decreases inflammation and pain.
Arnica 30c homeopathic relief of pain and inflammation.

Glycerin mouth swabs, dry mouth spray (boots) really great reviews and cheap in comparison to others out there and dial anti bacterial wash. (Got that from America)

I'm not the expert and have found this information on Dr Stephen Sinatra site. "Maximising the Surgery Recovery Process".

Really great advice and also states whatever you are taking you MUST INFORM YOUR SURGEON. They know best and may advise otherwise. Also makes you aware of what not to eat and not to take prior to surgery

It also goes without saying that a healthy diet is also essential to complement or even replace the vitamins above. Your choice . I have chosen to take these as I'm sure during the recovery process, I won't want to eat that much. However, I will be making smoothies and trying to eat homemade soups, yogurts, fruit and salad etc. Everything helps!

Hugs X


Just to note my cost in euros for my surgery:

Breast uplift and over implants
UK's Nagor textured anatomical implants


Cosmetic travel insurance - essential!!
£160 ish

Flights from UK Birmingham to Madrid including baggage both ways

5 nights at hotel opposite hospital
£307.80 without breakfast

8 nights at apartment
£380.00 as % off for staying a week.

Food and provisions extra.

Not certain about how to arrange travel from airport to hotel. It's expensive arranging transfers before hand. May wait till I arrive in Madrid and get a a few taxis to quote...possibly haggle!

Ouch it all adds up!! Let's hope it's all worth it in the end!! X

Euro exchange for your trip!

As of May 2016
Hi everyone, just a short note to say that after speaking with my bank and the post office regarding currency exchange rates, I was shocked!!! My bank and with whom I thought I would get the best rate; offered 1.23 € to the £!!
Post office 1.26 if your local branch doesn't try to rob you...mine stated 1.25 until I challenged them! Said post office online offered a higher rate!!
There is a site called THE CURRENCY CLUB that provide you the best rates! Before anyone asks...no I'm not working on behalf of them or affiliated with them in anyway. Just wanted to share the details. Obviously the rate changes so keep an eye out. It could get better! Currently 1.28.
All the best X

Before and after

A surgeon from realself kindly morphed a picture of what I could possibly look look after my nose job. I will show this to my surgeon. It's so strange looking at yourself and wondering what could be! I'm so very nervous. I suppose that's to be expected. Two days to go before my surgery xx

At the airport now! Tomorrow the operation!

Well guys, I'm here at the airport in Birmingham. No turning back now and this is the start of my journey to an improved Me!!
Just bought some books and awaiting check in . Suitcase heavy!!! Tried so hard to pack light....it was never going to happen! Need to try to arrange assistance on the way back home.
I truly hope that when I step back onto the turf here in Birmingham, that I will have no regrets. When my husband sees me...I too hope he thinks the same way.
Absolutely obsessed with looking at everyone's noses right now!!
Chat soon guys xx

More wish pics!

In the hotel now. Watch7ng Hit TV. Came across Hadley Williams...wow... what a nose to die for!! Beautiful!!

Wish pic!

At the hospital

Post op day 2!

I will concentrate on the Rhinoplasty results. To be honest apart from being extremely bruised and the nose packing being really uncomfortable, I am in no pain from this surgery. It's just discomfort of not being able to breathe and the difficulty this presents when eating or drinking.

Yesterday was the worst day. I somehow managed to pull myself out of bed, face the outside world looking and feeling horrendous and walked to the pharmacy.

The hospital is 5 minutes walk away, them pharmacy is across the road. This hotel is so well placed. So many people stay here when booked in for surgery. You couldn't be in a better location. It's the Aravaca Village Hotel.

The reception staff are so used to seeing the aftermath of surgery, that they don't look twice. That makes you feel comfo8being here. The room service is excellent too! I'm not venturing out there if I don't have too!!! It's still embarrassing.

I still haven't been

Continued from above as submitted before finishing!!!

.....brave enough to take off my packing. I have yet to see the results. I know the surgery wasn't rushed, so I hope the results will show that. I'm scared stiff!

My PS advised that I can take the padding out myself tomorrow! I'm not looking forward to that, as I know it's painful. I'm by myself so have no one here to help. I'm expecting it to bleed for around 10 minutes afterwards. I should be able to see my tip then. Fingers crossed for me please! I hope it's not huge or raised too much!!!

I have to leave the cast on for 2 weeks. I'm not certain if this means the padding on top of the cast too? Could anyone advise? Does the cast stay in place without the overlying bandages?

I've never laid down or sat down this much in my life! My arse is killing me! I hope I don't end up with bed sores!! Trying to lie on my side but keeping my torso upright!!

So....I'm not sure what else I can say right now. I will update this review tomorrow once the packing is removed...I will have to stop watching utube videos showing this!!! It's putting me off! I don't really know why the packaging can't be removed by the nurses. Perhaps it's because of the price. However, an appointment has been scheduled for the removal of my cast and breast padding on the 13th June. I have decided to stay an extra week to accommodate this.

Bye for now xxxx

My tip!!

I was brave and just removed my tip bandage. Looks really swollen and wide but no ridge! I hope when the swelling reduces my tip will be more sharply. I haven't got a piggy nose thank goodness.

The nose packing is out at last! I removed it!

Well to be truthful I expected to have huge amounts of pain pulling the packing out. I watched all the videos on utube with doctors removing the packaging. All were tampons. I did not know what to expect. It looked extremely painful.

With having a restless evening, as my right breast is extremely swollen on the side, I thought this was the best time to remove it. It is early hours on the Friday morning. The day that was suggested by my surgeon.

Dr Nogueira didn't use tampons in my nose. He used tape packing so when I began to remove it, it just unwound from my nostrils. Thank goodness I can breathe again. This didn't hurt in the slightest. The hardest part was carefully removing the padding from my septum, as there was alot of dried blood there......THANK YOU GOD!!!!

My nose feels HUGE!! Very tender and very swollen. My sinuses are stinging. I will have to get some special solution to clean out my nose, very gently.

My nose didn't bleed at all!! I sat myself on the floor with my back against the wall. I needed some support as I did not know what to expect. I believe it will take a while for my nose tip to reduce in size. Very swollen. Understandably so, as this is day 3!

That stage is now over. I can see my tip and it is ever so slightly raised. He said he would do this. Definitely not piggy at all as I know he is very conservative with the lift. Thank goodness! My nostrils look huge right now.

Will just have to bide my time and see how things progress from here. Although I can breathe, it still feels like the packing is in. This I imagine is normal. I hope my nose looks good when I get to see the bridge too.

My nose is very numb at the moment. I cannot feel my fingers touching my tip. I hope this is normal.

Hugs to everyone. X

Before and after Rhinoplasty Excuse the fact that I look I'll please.

OK, so I still have my cast on and my nose is bloody huge because of the swelling. No makeup and I look so very ill with all the bruising. No matter....I promised an honest review, with plenty of updates and the pictures show this. X

Me with makeup...bruises hidden day 3!

Had to do it...Couldn't spend another day in my room. The hotel is beautiful but I didn't dare venture out of my room to explore it!! Felt embarrassed! So today, after removing my packing and my bandaged tip..I put colour corrector and concealer on to hide my bruises. Still stared at because of my cast, but at least I look better with just the swelling minus the bruises... Fresh air and restaurant here I come!!!!!

Close up of tip before and after cleft crease removal

Just a quick caption of before and after cleft crease removal and decrease in tip projection. Still have stiches septum with dissolvable stiches hence the dark shadow.

The reveal of my Rhinoplasty 2 weeks today!!

I am over the moon with my results. My nose looks feminine now even whilst swollen. Still have many changes to go through but currently it looks perfect!! No upturned nose. Just a beautiful profile. He is amazing! Photos below after cast removal today.

One more photos. Cast removed today. Post 2 weeks!

Before and after Rhinoplasty with Dr Alejandro Nogueira. Post 2 weeks. He is a miracle worker and gives natural results

A better view of before and after results. It's still swollen but so far so good! I'm really happy and more confident. I didn't want a tiny button, high raised tip. I just want a huge tip reduction with my cleft (bumnose) removed. And a small bump shaven on my nose. I still wanted to look like me! X

Side view of nose before and after Rhinoplasty with Dr Alejandro Nogueira

Much improved and still swelling xx

Rhinoplasty update 3 weeks 2 days

I'm still happy with my nose. Lots of swelling still, some days more evident than others. Today especially!!
The tip of my nose still tender as is the bridge. Some people feel tenderness up to 6 months later. It's your bodies way of reminding you to be careful as it's still healing.
Nostril asymmetric at the moment due to swelling variations, but not severe enough for me to have concerns at all. I must remember I was not perfect before...I didn't want perfection, just wanted a normal cute tip. Dr Nogueira has given me that.
I expect further changes to continue for months. It can take up to a year, but somehow I doubt that it will in my case.
Really pleased thus far! Fingers crossed it continues to remain this way!
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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