35 Years Old and Finally Doing It - Spain

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I have always hated my nose since i was about 13....

I have always hated my nose since i was about 13. It is too big for my frame. Very large and has a hump so I hate taking pictures from the side.
I consulted several doctors years ago but I wasn't sure and ended up with a breast aumentation instead.
Now I am 35 and I am ready.
I choose Dr Monreal because his fantastics reviews in rhinoplasty, got a consult with him and I liked it so much that i had The surgery 3 weeks later.
i had The surgery yesterday, I have had a very bad night and I am so tired.
Later I will post my before pictures and after.
Please if you can recommend some tips for The reconvery i would be great. No I can't breeze very good through the nose and has black eyes and cheeks

Muy before pictures

Here are some pictures of my before nose. As you can see is too long, has an ugly hump and the tip is a little bulbous.

Surgery day

Minutes after surgery

Day 1 post

This night was horrible. I couldn't sleep for a minute. My tip was hurting, I couldn't breath from my nose, my throat was hurting and I was uncomfortable.
This morning the Dr pulled out the things that was inside my nostrils, showed me how to clean my nose and sent me home.
I still cannot breathe from my nose because has a lot of blood inside, this is very uncomfortable.

Day 2

Still having problems when trying to breath through my nose. I am not in pain but is very uncomfortable. Lots of swelling in my face down to the cheeks.

Day 3

Day 4

Picture from my Dr

Here is my new nose. What do you think? Do you like it?

Cast off

Finally the cast is off! My nose is very swollen, very wide and the tip is huge but I love my profile. In the pictures I have a lot of make up because I have dark bruises. I finally can get some air from the left nostril but still nothing from the right.

Almost 2 Months

I am breathing fine now, my nose is getting thinner and more symmetrical. The right nostril was more swollen than the left since the beginning and it is getting better. I had some steroid injection 3 weeks ago to help with the swelling.
The bruises were visible for the first 3 weeks and I still have dark eyes where the bruises were, I have to use a lot of make up. I hope this gets better soon. Has anyone had this problem?

Scar open rhynoplasty

In this picture you can see the assymetry and the scar from the open rhinoplasty.
Dr Juan Monreal

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