2 kids, and 75 Pounds of Weightloss Later

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Valentine's day is the big day. I am scheduled to...

Valentine's day is the big day. I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck hip to hip, along with breast augmentaion and lift. I will keep you posted on how it goes. Any info before hand from fellow mommies would be appreciated! I am do nervous about the first few days and hope I have enough help. I'm wondering if I will be able to use the bathroom alone! Lol

Before pictures..

Wanted to post some before pics. Count down to the big day! So scared, so excited. I will keep updating ????

Tomorrow is the day!

Surgery is in the morning, I am as prepared as I think one can be. Of course having some anxiety and yet so excited! When I got home from buying my Milk of magnesia tonight a cat ran across my driveway.. it looked black, hope it was more of a grey!. I'll post tomorrow when. Feeling up to it. ????

Surgery day

Well surgery went great..painful, but so far not unbearable..wausing for pain meds which I can take in 20 min
Only one drain. Yay!

Afterror sugery

Here's a pic ?

Day 2

Went to the doctor this morning. Everything looks great and I'm feeling ok. Actually heading to see 50 Shades Darker at 11. Our theatre has recliners that will be quite comfortable.. loving the look already ????

What's next..

Drain is coming out monday, which will put me at the 6 day mark. I've been at 60 cc so far, surgery was yesterday morning. Hope to get stitches out Monday or Tuesday next week as well. Using the bathroom has been ok, but still no BM. I'm going to start milk of magnesia after the movie, and plan to use tylenol pm tonight instead of the oxy. I will continue to take 1 oxycodone every 4 hours today to stay ahead of the pain and then going to try tylenol tomorrow!. Dr also gave me the ok to walk outside this weekend.. highs in mid 50s and sunny which is incredible for this time of year in Wisconsin. I will keep updating as I progress. Thanks everyone!

A few more before pics..

Just a couple more before pics...

48 hours since I awoke from surgery...

I feel really good! So worth it. I took oxycodone every 4 hours until 10pm last night and switched to 1 extra strength tylenol every 4 hours now. I feel better with just the tylenol. Standing just about upright and was able to have a BM today with the help of a little milk of magnesia which I took yesterday along with lots of water, fruit and vegetables. The hardest is getting in and out of bed, but otherwise walking around feels ok too. Just stiff the first minute or so. I definitely would do again. Already very pleased with my decision! Hope this helps all you mommies thinking of doing this.. my cc's are low already and the nurse said call her in the morning and just maybe I'll get my drain out before the weekend. Otherwise Monday morning at 745 it comes out, so not too bad...

Day 3

So I'm only expelling about 30 cc every 24 hours but they want to keep my drain in unail Monday due to the fact I'll probably be too active. They're probably right! Our for cast this weekend is unseasonably high. So I took off some guaze, sponge bathed a few areas, well the ones that I can, which was pretty limited.. I feel great tho. There is just mild swelling and everything looks to be settling really well????????

Day 4

Do not laugh, cough or sneeze! Ouch!! Other than that recovery is going well. Down to 1 extra strength tylenol every 5 hours or so. Made tacos, went to the grocery store and went for a walk. Only a few blocks but none the less. I did have my 13 year old with helping for groceries and tacos, I would not suggest any high reaching or heavy lifting.

Day 5

Feeling better and better every day. I am so excited to get my drain out tomorrow. Hoping they'll take my stitches out too. They might not yet though. Went for a walk this morning, felt pretty good. Chest is a little tight, a little harder to breathe, pretty sure it is from my binders. Looked at the girls this morning, they are settling very nicely. Not too much bruising. A little swollen.

Before photos..

Just a few more before photos

Day 6, drains out!

Got my drain out today and was able to shower. Felt great! Everything takes a little more effort. My 2 year old comes home from his dad's today and I'm excited and a little nervous about seeing him.. everything seems to be healing really well and my stitches come out Thursday ????

One more pic of stitches

One week today!

Feeling the best I've felt so far, my incisions are sore and I'm overly paranoid that I'm going to end up with a wound infection.. it will be just something else I obsess about until I see the Dr. Thursday for stitch removal. A lot less swollen today tho which is fantastic!

11 days out

It's, been a few days since I've posted. I had my stitches out which was not my favorite part. There is a small opening, which I'm absolutely freaked out about, so the nurse sent me with steri-strips which I put on yestday. She said if it made me feel better I could use them. Now I'm wondering how long I should keep them on. I will call Monday and ask. I'm posting some scar pics, I don't seem to be able to find any that look healthy, only really bad ones, the ones I'm terrified mine will turn into...

More scar pics

Not sure why thru didn't post

2 weeks post op

Went back to work yesterday, wasn't too bad. Working shortened hours. I'm a hairstylist and it's a lot of bending and moving. Took off steri-strips, wound looks pretty good, still terrified it will open. I may another question on it today. Really starting to love my breasts. Tried on a few suits today and so far am happy with results. Kind of wonder if maybe he shouldn't have taken a little more skin, but all and all I think it matches my body very well.

1 month tomorrow

I've been healing well, my swelling in belly is going down and my boobs are settling nicely. I'm back to the gym walking about 2.5 miles a day. My scars looks great and I have started scar therapy. I have been wearing compression garments more and my binder less.. feeling really good! Can't wait to get back to my full work out routine and running!

1 month pic

1 month post op

Here is my TT scar, 1 month. Looking and feeling great!

First run today!

I am 2 days shy of 5 weeks post op, and went on my first run since surgery today. 2.6 miles at 11:06 per mile. Pretty slow, but pretty amazing. The wireless front zip, knockout by Victoria Secret was wonderful for this!

2 months post op

While I do have some loose skin left above my belly button, and my Dr should have probably created a new belly button and removed more skin instead of doing a floating belly button, I am still very pleased with my results. The little bit of laxed skin is a reminder of the amazing weight loss journey I have been on, and quite frankly matches the rest of my body. As far as how I'm feeling, I'm feeling pretty good. I still wear a compression garment most of the time, mainly because I hate the numbness. I'm hoping that will go away soon. One of my breast may need to be lowered because the implant is sitting high per my ps. It seems to be lowering on its own though (he said hopefully is would) so I am hopeful that I don't need a revision. As far as exercise, I'm back to mostly everything, minus chest work. I'm back running about 15-20 miles a week. While I'm not as fast as I was before, I have ran a few 5 mile stints. I'm a month or so away from next check up. I'll keep you posted , also I will take and post some pics later today or tomorrow ????

2 Month pic

13 weeks post op, feeling great!

Healing nicely, everything is settling quite well. Sensation in my nipples seems to be back for the most part and my tummy is getting most of the feeling back. Scars are healing nicely as well. My implants are feeling really soft and squishy, each day they feel more and more like me.

No regrets!

So happy with my decision! I have been on a roller coaster with this surgery, and am now to the point where I am 100% happy that I did this. Everything has settled nicely, I love my boobs! They are so squishy, and pretty.. pretty sure the boyfriend loves them too. My tummy is still a little numb, but the feeling is slowly starting to come back.. for the most part this does not bother me, unless I have an itch or something. I'm 100% back to workouts, minus the exception of push-ups, which i do, but only on my knees. Dr. Said he would rather I not do pushups so I do modified, I figure that's a happy medium to "rather not".

Well I hope my journey will help you to make a decision/or get through your journey! I'll try to post at the 1 year mark, and so on.

Best wishes!

6 months post op

Everything has healed perfectly and I am so happy with result. The boobs feel very natural and have healed nice and even. Tummy looks and feels good too. Most of the feeling is back. Scars are fading quickly and I am back to just about 100% of my work out routine, with modifying push ups and using light weight for chest work.
Madison Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Hammacher has been wonderful. Can't wait to see the results! Today was surgery, Dr. Hammacher made feel at ease along with his nursing staff. Can't wait to see the bandages come off tomorrow.

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