Mole Back of Upper Thigh - Madison, WI

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I had basal cell CA lower eye lid, so now in...

I had basal cell CA lower eye lid, so now in addition to my personal skin monitoring, I have a full body screening every 6 months. I see a NP in dermatology for this. She identified a small "normal" mole high on the back of one thigh. I asked about having it removed since I didn't think I could adequately monitor it given the location. Was told there was no reason to removed it and I should just use a mirror. I tried using a mirror as directed but found that given the distance and location I can't see the mole well enough to notice possible changes. I've decided to go to a plastic surgeon to have the mole removed. The procedure is pending. It's elective so insurance will only cover the pathology test on the tissue that's removed.

Mole successfully removed

The mole was successfully removed in a few minutes. The plastic surgeon decided it didn't need to go to pathology since it clearly appeared to be a normal nevus. I was comfortable with this decision since my dermatology NP also said it looked normal. Now that it's gone, I don't need to even think about it, let alone worry. I go back in a week to have a couple of stitches removed. The plastic surgeon also cauterized several cherry hemangiomas at my request. He used what he called an "electric needle". This hurt but was over quickly and they're healing now. I'm was happy to get this done too, even though I know they're harmless. I think of it as, "cleaning up my canvas" - removing some of the many spots that clutter my aging skin, so I can more easily notice any significant changes that may develop in the future.
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