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Hi everyone! I've been the classic lurker of...

Hi everyone! I've been the classic lurker of all of your experiences for the last several months. So here's my story... I'm now 45 and yes, today is my birthday. I decided to schedule my tummy tuck and muscle repair as a "reset" button for myself. I can honestly say that I'm not nervous anymore. Why am I have this procedure? I'd say as a huge self-esteem boost. I don't want to have to explain the reason that I look pregnant anymore. I'd like to go to the pool and look decent in a swim suit. I want to be able to zip up a coat like a normal person.

I'm married and have three beautiful daughters ages 14, 9 and 6. Like many of you, I had three c-sections, and along with family genetics, my midsection will never be the same. I was diagnosed with diastatis recti in 2009 and I feel like I finally got up the courage to correct this issue. I have a plastic surgeon, but also a general surgeon who will repair a small umbilical hernia, tighten the stomach muscles and then cover the entire area with mesh. I think the moment I realized I had to do something was when the general surgeon said I had a "complete loss of domain" and I didn't need to look like I did. In fact, I hope I never hear again, "Congratulations! When are you due?" I've followed all of your advice and my first floor is all set-up for when I come home. I feel like I'm ready thanks to all of you. I told my surgeons that my only expectation is that they repair my abs.

I know I have a long road ahead in terms of healing and taking care of myself. I'll post some photos when I get home, but I look forward to writing lots more in the days to come!

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