Ready Set Let's Go!!! I'm Sooo Nervous!!!!!!!! - Macon, GA

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I am a 31 year old mother of 1. I have gained sooo...

I am a 31 year old mother of 1. I have gained sooo much weight over the last 4- 5 years. I have been working out and eating better and nothing seems to help. I went to Dr. Brown in Macon, Ga for my consultation about 1 month ago, and I am scheduled to have my TT and lipo on Thursday May 8, 2014. I am soooo nervous, I have been having 2nd thought about it and I have been calling my Dr. worrying him and his staff like crazy, with ANY question I can think of!!!!! They are sooo helpful and answers all my question!!! I got married in June of 2013 and I have gained 30lbs since June!!! OMG!!!!!!!! My husband thinks I'm fine the way I am and I love him for that but this is something I have to do for me!! I have read a lot of your post and blogs and I am grateful to know that I'm not the only one with the preop nerves!!!

1 day until my surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

I went for my markings on yesterday. I am really excited. I was so nervous the day before yesterday but my mom prayed with me and asked God for some things to be revealed (dealing with this surgery) to me, and I got my confirmation on that evening! Back to my markings, I will upload pics of my markings ... OMG... I didn't know I needed this muck work done. I was reading others post and I came across a list of items to get prior to my surgery, went to walmart and picked up those items, multivitamins, vitiamin A and C (dr. recommended) and some maxi dresses last night and now let the count-down begin.!!!!!!!

1 question for those who are post-op are there any other type of clothes I should get or can wear?

cleaning.... cleaning......and more more cleaning....

I started "spring cleaning" on Monday! I wanted to make sure my house was cleannnn. I mean it's clean, but I want to make sure that all my husband and daughter has to do is maintain. I have had the "keep the house clean" talk with them and I will reinforce it today! loll!!! Going to get a recliner today!!!! Are there any suggestions on what kind of recliner to get?


I have always been proportioned and thick never really skinny!

1 day pre-op

operation maxi dress in effect!

It was the night before my surgery

Let the countdown begin!!!! 8.5 hrs until show time. I am a little on the edge but for the most part I am good! Thank you all for your pre-op motivation and prayers.....Now let the fun begin(sarcasm).... I'll be sure to update you until they take my phone. lol.... Keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you! God Bless You All

1 day post op

1 day Post op

8 days post op!!!!!!!

Hello ladies, I'm baaaack!!!! 1st I would like to thank you all for your prayers and support!!! >>NOW LEST GET TO BUSINESS

13 days post op &&&& feeling great!!!!!!!

Heyyyy Beau's!!!!!!
I am 13 days post op and I am sill having a little pain but for the most part I'm doing great!!!!!. I have a lot of swelling, and I'm starting to have stomach contractions!!!!!!!! I drink A LOT of water. I go back to the PS on Friday to get my drainage tubes out (yayyyyyy)!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it okay that I take my suit off and wash it and keep it off a couple of hours then put it back on? I have ALOT OF SWELLING IN MY FEET ,ankles, and my body swells and gets hard to the touch am I the only one with this and if not the how do you deal with it? I don't want to over do it, but since I'm 13 days post op how far do You recommend I walk a day...? I'll be adding pictures soon!

13 day post op pics

Here are the pics I promised!!!!! I'm only 13 day post op and I still have a LOTTTT of swelling , but I am happy with the results as of now!!!!!! Stay Tuned!!!!!!! Thank you all again for all your support & prayers!


Hello beau's I'm backkkk I wrote a review yesterday but for some reason it did not post. I'm 28 days post op and having biggggggg issues with SEROMA I have gotten the aspiration done 2x's already . So I'm on vacation with my family an the SEROMA is sooooooo bad until it makes me feel full!!!! My stomach is sooo tight. I go back to the PS in the morning but I need some relief today pleasssse help !!!!!!! Is anyone else going thru this and what are you doing for it???????


Still healing but much HAPPIER!!!!!

The first picture is1day post op and the 2nd pic is 6 weeks post op! I have a loooottttof swelling to go but I am happy with my results!!!!!!

2 yes post op

Macon Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brown has been absolutely wonderful! He is kind and makes you feel so comfortable. His staff is warm, welcoming, and pay great attention to detail. The surgery center he uses is right next door. Anytime you page him day/ or night , he's going to return your call ASAP.

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