Double Chin (Man)

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In my 40's now and the double chin is slowly...

In my 40's now and the double chin is slowly increasing in size. figured I should do something about it now before it gets worse. I dont like getting pictures taken of me because its always noticeable. The applicator didnt suction that well and lost suction after 15 minutes (after swallowing) and an error went off. The second time, I held it in place for the full 45 minutes. swallowing twice and while pressing very hard so applicator wouldnt lose suction. afterwards they rub the area. The picture I posted is me looking straight, if I look down my neck it much worse. Hope I see good results.

delayed onset tenderness & slight numbness

neck was feeling normal after treatment. now seems to be a little more tenderness and tingling. they say the more inflammation, the better the results. no changes in appearance yet.

little lump on chin

my neck is the same where the applicator was but there was a fatty lump on my lower left hand side on my actual chin. today it has moved to the right side. very strange. has this happened to anybody?

19 days

19 days post-treatment. havent seen any changes yet. waiting impatiently.

2nd treatment

Im having a second treatment on friday. the neck is itchy sometimes in the middle of the night. I heard the itchiness is the inflamed fat cells breaking down. I hope its working. I was told after two treatments there is a 25% reduction. I thought it was 25% reduction on every treatment. so it looks like I will be doing more treatments depending on results.

Treatment day

they used a head apparatus with a strap to hold the applicator in place while seated upright this time. seemed like it held suction much better. I dont notice much difference yet thats why I havent posted any new pictures. I was told that the cool mini is designed to be a little less effective than regular cool sculpting due to the major nerves around the chin and thyroid in neck. The cold settings are probably calibrated differently too, thats why it takes at least two treatments for the cool mini. they said wait 3 months for maximum results.

41 days

no changes yet. more neck soreness after 2nd treatment.

50 days

my wife says she sees a little difference. I dont see a difference, maybe its because I look at myself in the mirror everyday. I might take a picture tomorrow and see if I can see a difference, if there is, I will upload it.

new pic

I dont know what the hell is going on. looks a little worse to me. I took several photos today and they all look like the 60 day picture. maybe the skin has stretched, I dont know but the neck contour looks like its dropped a bit. I still have some soreness under chin so hopefully some changes for the better will happen. I didnt really want to post this but Im sure some people are interested in a update.

lipodissolve treatment

I went ahead and did lipostabil injections (5ml) under chin. I mean if I havent seen the slightest improvement with the coolmini after two treatments, why wait? if anything, it got worse. it feels more jelly like or the skin has loosened more. I will do a 3 treatments every 2-3 weeks and assess from there. if you would like to follow my review, I will post under "lipodissolve" and here if I notice changes. ty


after the injections, it swelled up. its been four days and not as painful now. less tender. it feels like a gallon of water is in there, very giggly. meanwhile, I am growing a beard. I would say in a couple of days the beard will hide the chin. (it grows quick)

Its shrinking!

I had very bad itching last night. but this morning in bed I pinched under my chin and it felt like there was less fat there. so I shaved my beard and my wife was like omg, its shrinking!! its less jiggly and more firm but its smaller. this was definitely from the lipodissolve. I will post update picture soon.

second treatment

did another 8 ml of lipodissolve, thats equals to about 4 vials of kybella. maybe I will get a synergistic effect after the coolsculpting sessions. swollen and soar but not as much as the first time. will take about a month off to see where Im at.

two days after second treatment

it really swelled up the day after. full turkey mode and I had a bad headache and felt a little off all day. today feeling better. glad it was on friday and having the weekend off.


the swelling was at its peak the next day. its gradually going down. I would say by wednesday it will be back to almost baseline.
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