Vi Peel - Lynbrook, NY

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I did a Vi Peel yesterday. My goal was to improve...

I did a Vi Peel yesterday. My goal was to improve skin tone, tighten pores, and soften fine lines round my eyes and mouth. The application of the peel was quick and only had a tingling sensation. It did not burn at all. I kept the peel on all evening and washed my face this morning. After washing I used the toweleet that is provided. So far, there is no redness. My skin feels a littlt tight. The peeling should beging tomorrow on Day 2.

Day 3

It is day 3…. lots and lots of peeling. Trying to wash, pat dry, and moisturize. Today I would say the peeling is very noticeable. I went out to the gym but I'm sure people noticed.

Day 4

Most of the peeling has stopped but I have some redness and tight spots. I am using Aquaphor and Indie Lee facial oil which are both gentle and soothing.

Day 4

Tight around mouth

Before peel

This is before peel.

12 days later

I had pretty good results….skins looks fresher, brighter, pores, are smaller, and skin is very smooth… far as wrinkles and creepiness…ther areas around the mouth, definitely look smoother, however i feel under eye wrinkles and crows feet do not show much difference.
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