So Painful, Lumpy Discolored, & Unhappy with the Results*UPDATE 3/12/08*

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I'm writing this after three weeks have past since...

I'm writing this after three weeks have past since I received one syringe of Juvederm. Most of the filler was injected into my top lip (it was thin) and some into the corners of the botton lip. The entire procdure was extremly painful even though I received numbing injections (like the dentist uses) before the procedure. I left the office that day looking like Marge Simpson, duck beak, etc. The swelling took about a week to go down and I still have some bruising. I also have lumps in the injection sites that WILL NOT go away even with "massaging" like so many, incl. the Dr., claimed they would. BTW, three weeks into it now and my lips really aren't noticeably fuller. 3/12/08 UPDATE I had it done AGAIN!! I was somewhat happy after the first review but it went down really quickly (at about 4 months it had gone down noticeably). I returned to my Dr. and told him to give me some more @ $475 per syringe. He looked at me and we both agreed that some of the product was still present from the 11/2007 treatment but I wanted more. This time injected less, .7 v.0.9 cc's. My lips were done 3/3/08 and here I am a week later with way fuller lips than the first time and the "lip curl" thing has NOT gone down (I'm getting worried) on the top lip. It's hard to describe, it looks like Billy Idol lip curl or maybe the fish lip others are describing?? But on a positive note I have super full semi-soft pouty lips. P.S. I had the bottom lip done this time around, no bruising and very mild pain altogether.
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