Breast Augmintation Lipo and Regular TT - Spain, ES

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*Treatment results may vary

Previous weight 118KG Current weight 70 KG hight...

previous weight 118KG
Current weight 70 KG
hight 168 cm
age 27
sex female
post BPD or Scopinaro surgery

i quit smoking one week and a half now i will be 3 weeks smoke free by the time of my surgery my blood count is low 9.6 and have iron dificincy :( its usual for people who done gastric bypass i guess anyhow i'll update you soon with the pictures etc

count down

i want to thank they are fantastic they found the Dr. the hospital managed my booking visa etc their amazing the count down for the surgery started ;/ wish me luck

They are amazing Mr. Enric picked us up from the airport found us a very very nice apartment and exactly on our budget two days ago we met with the dr my sis will do a breast reduction the Dr is so nice and answered all my q's he knows how to work with humans he recommended lipo for my back and sides and I asked him if I can do fat transferee to my but he said why not and instead of charging me additional 5700 euros they gave me 2000 euro additional thanks too and the dr told me I need to put between 400 and 450 cc mentor round shape implant gummy bear and they moved my surgery to Tuesday wish me luckkkkk
Dr Francisco Giraldo, MD

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