Lower Facelift for Premature Aging

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I am 45 years old and have needed a facelift since...

I am 45 years old and have needed a facelift since my 40th birthday. That was when my age caught up with me and I experienced the sagging jowls, loose chin, and wrinkling skin typical of women 10-20 years older than me. It was like it happened all at once. I had a facelift in April and I can now safely look back on the “former me.” My doc did a lower facelift and gave me extensive aftercare instructions. It is important to follow these because many people, not just doctors, who have been there before you have had input. So what they say about bromelaine, arnica montana, sodium intake and bags of frozen peas are all true. The first five days post-op I was horrible. I couldn’t eat or even sip through a straw without pain. I also had a greater sensitivity to hot and cold. After that first weekend my pain cleared considerably and I could start chewing enough to eat again. Throughout this I was also having panic attacks and regret about what I’d done to myself. Not the best time. I looked like I’d been though a war with all the bandages. When those came off and the stitches came out I felt much better about myself. Also, that was when I began to see the results through the swelling. I think that was my biggest fear: that I had done all of this and put myself through the pain and it wouldn’t have made a difference. I aged early. Why wouldn’t I believe it was permanent? Now I have the neck and chin of someone half my age and do feel it was worth it.
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