Loving my Invisalign

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I have had my invisalign for about six months now...

I have had my invisalign for about six months now and I am on tray 12 I have 30 trays in all. The first week was terrible I was wondering what I got myself into. I almost gave up, but them it has gotten easier as the weeks have by. I had terribly crooked teeth both top and bottom and already people have started complimenting me on my smile. I can see a tremendous differance from the beginning. I love the way my teeth look now and I can hardly ait to see what I will look like with completely staight teeth. I have always been self conscious about my ssmile and now I see it has done wonders for my self esteem and since no one know I have them I feel better about having them. I am 30 years old and wish I could have done it sooner. Yes there is a little discomfort but that is only the 1st day of the new tray and I kinda welcome that because it tells me that my teeth are moving like they are supposed to. I recommend invisalign to all adults because it does take some disciple to use them corretly. Another thing is that my teeth are so much easier to brush and floss now. Making oral hygene 100% better. Before invisalign a cleaning took almost one hour and now it only takes about 20 mins.
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