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LOVED my results! Dr.S delivered!


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15 Oct 2016

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LOVED my results! Dr.S delivered! - Boston, MA

I had been thinking about getting rhinoplasty for the past 8 years and I finally went through with it. I absolutely LOVE the results!! I wanted a subtle change (tip refinement and nostril width reduction) and Dr. S delivered. Selection. I selected Dr.S because he has posted patient results, his procedure and technique on his website and YouTube. I liked what I saw. I knew after spending 4 months of researching that by far Dr.S is the best and I could trust him. Consultation. During the consultation, he showed me with computer imaging what my new nose will look like. I'm now 1 month post op and while there's still a little swelling at the tip, my nose looks very close to the computer image. Success!!! Surgery day. I have to say that Dr. S's anesthesiologist and staff knew what they were doing! I felt safe and impressed.