Loved It - Lasted over 2 Years - Going Again

I believe the folks with bad experiences had bad...

I believe the folks with bad experiences had bad doctors. My doctor told me that she thinned it with water to help avoid the lumps and also I was instructed to massage the treated areas, 5 minutes, 5 times a day for 5 days after the treatment. I had no lumps and fabulous results that really lasted. I did have bruising, and it hurt to massage those bruised areas, but I was diligent and it really paid off.

I am going to do the same procedure again - cheaper than an eyelift and should last me anouther few years.

Dr Barbara Schell - Ageless Center

She is extremely eductaed in every aspect of non-surgical techniques and explains what you should expect in realistic terms. She really knows her stuff.

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