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I had smart lipo on march 19th, upper and lower...

I had smart lipo on march 19th, upper and lower abs. During the procedure I was getting so sick, My blood preasure kept dropping, I was white in the face and at one point I threw up. My doctor was so great, she would stop and bring me food then wait until my vitals were normall again. Soup, juice, water etc. I reacted this way because I took to much medication before my procedure, I should have taken 1 vicodin and 1 ativan and instead I took 2 of each. I am also slightly anemic. I also didnt have a very good breakfast. ( I was told to eat a well rounded breakfast)

This went all for 8 hours, at one point I asked to take a nap and she let me sleep for about 30 minutes until I felt better. She eventually decided to stop and she will do the procedure again in 6 months.

She was able to get out 1/2 liter of fat. She really did a good job on what she was able to do. I see a huge difference and it was noticable right away. I was very bruised for a couple days but I see a big difference in what she was able to do.I had a hard time sleeping at night because of the garment but really my recovery has been easy. Im very dissapointed she didnt get to finish. Now I have to wait 6 months before she can do that part of my body again. Im doing my love handles in 3 weeks. I cant wait!!

It is uncomfortable during the procedure and even though I was sick It was worth it to me.

She did an amazing job and gave great care...my stomach is way improved and I wish I had lots of $ so I could do more!

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I used a family practice/ general surgeon Doctor that was trained for smart lipo. **she is amazing**

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