Love It, So Happy with Results Under Eyes and Smile Lines GONE

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I am 38 and saw a picture of myself and noticed...

I am 38 and saw a picture of myself and noticed that under my eyes the skin was sagging badly and I have dark circles despite the thousands of dollars I've spent on expensive ($300+) face creams. I looked so exhausted all of the time even though I wasn't.

I read about radiesse and juviderm treatments in a magazine and after seeing that picture, found a dermatologist. I knew going in that Radiesse DOES NOT get rid of the dark circles but does get rid of the sags. I saw immediate results and everyone at work said I looked so much younger. I was so happy I went back a few days later and did the smile lines too. My husband said "I haven't seen that face in years!"

I will do this again and again until I have to do a face lift! Oh and forget the face creams, this is way more cost effective. I am going back to grocery store brand face creams. There's not too much anyone can do about the dark circles, it's hereditary.

Cosmedic Skincare Seattle

My Doctor explained very thoroughly the procedure and what to expect and not to expect, length of time it would work and took my personal schedule into consideration (when did I have parties coming up so timing wise in case there was swelling). Gave me options for different treatments. Will go back, she is great.

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