Love my New Eyelids

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I have always had heavy upper eyelids and as I...

I have always had heavy upper eyelids and as I passed 40 years old, they really started getting heavier and drooping. I found myself constantly lifting my brow to get my lids off of my eyes.

At 44 yrs old I had upper bleph. I am 5 weeks out and am so happy with the decision. The scars are still red and I have a little hypertrophic scarring on one side that seems to be getting better with silicone scar gel. Overall, the result is just what I wanted. I didn't tell anyone and nobody has questioned me, except for why I look so good! I told my surgeon I wanted a subtle change, very natural, but get the lids off of my eyes. He removed some fat, muscle & skin.

My lids were asymmetrical to begin with, and my surgeon did a phenomenal job making them better while still balancing my eyes, which are also not symmetrical. The bruising lasted for 3 weeks, which was longer than I thought. I only had uppers done, but the bruising was under my eyes. I still have a tiny bit of swelling, but it usually goes away by mid-day.

This surgeon is incredibly talented with a wonderful bedside manner and impeccable credentials. He also performed smartlipo on my chin and neck, which was immediately noticeable. At 5 weeks out, I'm ecstatic with the results. I can't believe I waited so long to do this.

Boston Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon listened to every word I said, discussed everything with me and took as much time as I needed to consult. He is very sensitive to your feelings and makes you feel comfortable. He will be honest with what he thinks you do & don't need. His credentials speak for themselves, but I want to say he is worth traveling any distance for.

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