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I did not even realize how depressed I was about...

I did not even realize how depressed I was about how old I looked until I had Juvederm. I am thrilled! I have had Restylane and Sculptra treatments prior. The Restylane may have lasted a month, if that. It was a total buzz kill and waste of money. The Sculptra left me with bumps (that I still have years later) and didn't fill my wrinkles.

I had my nasolabial folds done and my lips. My face looks so full now, where I was looking so gaunt. I had a dental block, but it still hurt. It was so worth it the pain. I was a little bruised, even though I iced like crazy. Make-up covered them right up. I hope the Juvederm lasts, the results were immediate. I would scrape up the money to do it again and again, if the results last.

Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is very professional and pleasant. I feel he has a good aesthetic eye for beauty. My lips are a perfect cupid's bow. I don't like them to look like an inner tube, as some doctors have done them in the past. He did them perfectly. He is professional, nothing but business. He will consult with you multiple times to make sure you have every question answered. If you are looking for a cheesy guy who will schmooze you or you want someone to kiss your butt, he's not your guy. However, his office manager, Celeste will treat you like you are the only patient on the planet. She’s awesome! His medical assistants are so friendly and caring. They are also not scary overdone with plastic surgery, like a lot of other Austin doctors have done to their staff. He’s very serious and I like that. He’s also honest about what you do need and don’t. I did not feel “sold” or talked into anything that I didn’t want or need. I would highly recommend him for fillers and surgery.

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