I am a very fair skinned mid twenties female - Love Juvederm - Philadelphia, PA

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I am a very fair skinned mid twenties female who...

I am a very fair skinned mid twenties female who just got the juvederm injected in the NL folds 4 days ago. I must tell you there was minimal pain because the dr. left the numbing cream on for 30 mins. The injections were quick, with no massaging... he literally went little by little and filled the folds with the syringe. He used one syringe, with a little left over where he then gave me a mirror and asked what I thought, and where else I thought I needed more of the product. I did bleed a bit, because I bleed easily BUT the amazing thing is once he was done, and the bleeding stopped, the folds were gone and there was little discoloration. A day later the color got a little darker, because bruises do take a day to develop... but now they are almost all gone, and it was nothing serious, like i've read in previous posts. These are the same bruises I get from getting botox injections, tiny purple dots where the needle entered. I hope this stuff lasts, because it looks great so far.
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