I got restylane in the small lines in above my upper lip. - Love It! - Pensacola, FL

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I got restylane in the small lines in above my...

I got restylane in the small lines in above my upper lip and in the small lines/folds under my eyes. I have been pleased with the results. I had the procedure about 4 days ago. I was not told by my provider before the procedure to not use aspirin or drink alcohol 1-2 weeks before so I did and I still have fairly heavy bruising on one side of my lip and under one eye. I'm not sure if this would have made a difference. I did have large swelling of my upper lip for about 3 days, but especially the first 2 days. I did apply cold compresses constantly for the first 6 hours after the procedure and off and on the next day. I think my lip is still alittle swollen 4 days out, but things are looking great. For some reason I'm experiencing some dry patches on my upper lip as well, but this may be attributed to the change of weather in my area. Anyway...I'm very pleased with the results. I had botox done on my forehead and between my eyebrows and radience in the nasolabial folds. I have had nothing but compliments everyday since the procedure. "your hair looks great, your makeup looks good, have you lost more weight?" It's really strange! I'm getting these compliments even though I have bruising under my eye and on my top lip. The bruising is covered with makeup. I would say that the worse thing about the procedure was the dental block given to make the procedure more comfortable...don't get me wrong I was happy to have had that option, but my mouth was dead for about 7 hours after the procedure. I have loved the results despite the bruising and swelling and it's only been about 4 days.
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