I Love Invisalign!!

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Through my works FSA I am able to use pretax...

Through my works FSA I am able to use pretax dollars to help pay for my Invisalign which is a real bonus. I am now paying 200 a month to my dentist interest free and it is not reflected on my credit report.

I have had Invisalign for a year now. They are wonderful overall. I can leave mine out for hours and occassionally spend a night or two every two weeks without them in and my improvement is always right on track to put in the next tray. Of course keeping them out as long as I do means that it is a little bit more painful to put them in after having them out for a while, but I love not having to wear them for a time if I do not want to.

My dentist gives me almost 3 months worth of Invisalign trays at a time, so I do not have to go into see him very often either which is convienent since I work full time.

My teeth are small and I have an ordinary jaw so I had straight teeth but gaps, thank goodness not the two front teeth on top and bottom!

The improvement has been dramatic and I still have 8 months to go.

The cons with Invisalign are that it can impair your speech at first and sometimes at random times after I put them in my speech seems a little funny, but most of the time it is fine.

For people over 18, getting Invisalign is a must, especially in a profressional enviornment.

People cannot tell I am straightening my teeth. I like not having to worry about getting food stuck in my teeth as I think happens with traditional braces.

I hope you love the Invisalign experience as much as I have!

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