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I wore braces as a teenager and up until my mid...

I wore braces as a teenager and up until my mid thirties my teeth were straight and perfect. By the time I got to 35 my teeth were shifting and gaps were forming. I ignored it for a year but then the gaps had become quite large and noticeable. I didn't want to be 36 years old with braces so I researched the alternatives and discovered invisalign.

It's been one of the best decisions I've made. The treatment is easy, and the results are great. I travel a lot and I found that invisalign worked better with my schedule then had I gone the tradtional route - with more scheduled appointments.

It does take discipline to use invisalign. You can't forget to wear the trays, if you do the treatment will not work as prescribed.

There is some discomfort with invisalign but it's no more than what I had experienced while in braces.

What's best about invisalign is that after treatment if you notice some shifting you can always go back to using invisalign - can't get back in braces once they are out - at least not easily or cheaply.

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