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I had botox done the first time the cost was 900...

I had botox done the first time the cost was 900.00 in 2006. I had my forehead, brows and crows feet done.  It took about a week to work, (normal) and I did not need it again for almost 6 months. ( outstanding!!! yeah me...) I had to wait to have it done again because of the cost.

2007, I had it done again by the same doctor same cost. It took a week to work, but this time only lasted 3 weeks. ( what happened?) I was told each time you have it done the muscles would become weaker and the botox would last longer. So I had to wait again and save my money to eb able to afford to have it done again.

2008, this time different doctor. Cost 1000.00, took a week to work, lasted 3 weeks. Still not understanign why it is not working like I was told it should. Doctors getting greedy and watering down the botox I guess.

So, the end of 2008, different doctor, cost 500.00, but I did not have my forehead, crowfeet, and brows done this time as I had before. I only had my brow and crowsfeet. And this doctor said I only needed the middle muscles in my forehead done. So that is why it cost less. Anyway, Once again took a week to work, lasted 3 weeks, but this time I felt like Jack Nicolson in the shining. This was because he only did the muscles in the middle top of my forehead. My brows were free to move on the sides, and I had that crazy look with the eyebrows Jack did in the shinning. That was a great look for him and that movie, but not for real I was glad it only lasted 3 weeks that time.

I feel it is worth the money when it worked like it did for my first experience.But I do believe the doctors or the drug makers have watered it down to were it is only going to last for 3 weeks. And in that case , it is way over priced.

Dr. Griffin (2 times), Dr. Valentini, Bella Med Spa

I have seen several doctors for this.

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