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I started with orthoclear aligners I likes the...

I started with orthoclear aligners I likes the quality of the aligner and the clarity but not the holes they were very sharp and cut my tongue.I was switched to invisalign and they took forever to make the trays I lost a years time during the switchover.I am now on my last set of trays and I am having to go into regular braces as the invisalign did not accomplish what I wanted to achieve.

The original treatment plan was for many more aligners than I received. I did not get one result that I had excepted. I HAVE WORKED IN THE DENTAL FIELD FOR 30 YEARS.I expected to get a much better result. My spaces weren't closed, my midlines do not match, my crossbite still exists I am end on with my occlusion of the lateral and cuspid which causes me to not be able to chew or occlude on the posterior teeth. This is causing my jaw to slide and TMJ to be painful. The rotations were not addressed at all. The only result is the arch shape on the lower and the maxillary lateral is end on rather than be in crossbite, other than that I can see no result worthy of the expense .

My orthodontist is not pleased either. Now I will have the additional expense and time to finish m treatment with conventional brackets e which I wanted to avoid and was the main reason for stating treatment with removable aligners. Had I gone with the "Old fashioned" braces I could have been where I need to bbe in less time and money spent. I know several other people that have experienced the same problem.

I think I could have gotten the same result with a simple Hawley with fingers springs!! I am totally upset and unhappy.

Dr charles youmans

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