Asymmetrical After Smart-lipo - Louisville, KY

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I had this procedure in December 2008 and did the...

I had this procedure in December 2008 and did the Breasts and abdomen. As I was not overweight and was looking for some contouring, I was left with a wavy abdomen and could tell right after the procedure that my right side was smaller than my left with some wavyness. Other people might not notice that I am asymmetrical from the front, I can clearly see the wavyness and off center belly. I lost the slight contour of my belly because it is too flat in my opinion on my left side.

That said I am dissapointed in my doctor for not paying attention to the details. I was told he has 20+ years experience and looking back, I would have never done this or would have made sure the physician was caring of his end result work.

Does anyone know if I can have fat grafting or transplantation done to correct the slight waviness on my right side around my belly button to build that area back up? Thanks

Louisville Dermatologic Surgeon

He was a great bedside manner physician but In my opinion was not caring of the end result of the details of my exact body structure that I was looking for. I felt that I lost too much fat on the right side on my belly as it's too flat and there needed to be more attention to details. I went back to touch up my left side to even things out that he clearly noticed. However, the laser was not used the second time and my results were very minimal. I am glad now that it wasn't, I don't think more removal of fat to even things out is the answer. I need some grafting done to correct the minimal waviness around my belly button. These places always put the blame for poor results on the risk to the patient. The main reason I selected this doctor was based upon his experience. My risk should have been minimized to the trust and experience that he is setting expectations correctly regarding such a simple procedure for someone that is not overweight like myself. Their office never asked if I was happy or if there is anything they could do if my contour was uneven. I felt that I had to convince them to do something for me for the touch-up procedure. I was told that the end result was my body shape underneath.... which in 39 years of my life I've never seen. I initially went in for my male breast reduction but those results turned out minimal. The abdomen bothers me more now than anything. I am very disappointed.

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