Frustrated with Clear Correct - Louisville, KY

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I did research on both invisalign and clear...

I did research on both invisalign and clear correct for a long time. I heard positive and negative. I decided to try clear correct because it was just a bit more affordable. I got my impressions done on may 29th. I finally got a call last week that aligners were in. On July 2nd I went to my dentist office. The upper tray fit but when he got to the bottom tray; not only did they not fit they were a smaller version of my teeth!! It looked like they could fit a teenager. How can a lab make a mistake this big!?!?! The trays are visually different in size. This was my first set. My dentist did new impressions on my lower teeth to sent off to the lab, in the meantime he made me a tray i can wear. I went home an the upper tray cut into the side of my cheek so bad i went the next day to have it shaven; thats when my dentist gave me the bottom tray he got from my impressions. The bottom tray was worse i have cuts all thru my mouth and sides of my tongue. Im in so much pain i cant talk. My job requires me to talk all day and everytime i do, i want to cry bc of the pain. Please, how long before i get the correct bottom tray?!?!?! I cannot go much longer like this. Due to the holiday i have to wait until july 9th to call my dentints. Is this how the rest of my clear correct journey is going to be? I regret not going with invisalign. I just don't read about cases like this with their product. I'm really frustrated.

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