Scared Above Outcome - Louisville, KY

12 days post SMAS with fat transfer. Very...

12 days post SMAS with fat transfer. Very disappointed with results. Obvious lines at the temples due to wrong vector of pull.. I have hidden in my house since this procedure and cannot even imagine having to have this redone. I could have saved myself alot of money, time off, weight loss and severe anxiety by just leaving my face alone and accepting the wrinkles that I had.

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I had an accident last year and went to a Board Certified Otolaryngolist and also Board certified Plastic surgeon to revise scar tissue of face and septoplasty needed due to accident and thought since I already had to have surgery that this would be the time to perform a facelift. I was trying to be discreet about facelift and took adequate time off from work for healing. It is very obvious that I have had work done due to these obvious lines at the temples due to vector of pull. I am trying to be patient and give this time before I rate the final outcome.

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