41 Years Old, Mastopexy with Implants, Currently 34 B/C - Louisville, KY

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I'm 41 years old, I have 3 children and breast fed...

I'm 41 years old, I have 3 children and breast fed all 3. I am currently a deflated 34 B/C, desire a full C/D. Preop appointment on September 4. Surgery date is 9/15/14. Mastopexy lollipop incision, PS recommends textured gel implants under the muscle 325cc. (may go slightly bigger-will see at prop). My PS is Dr. Salzman, Louisville KY

Getting nervous!

I went for my preop appointment today. I received a lot of information, it is quite overwhelming! I received preop and post op instructions, and had lab work done. I got my prescriptions: Lortab, Phenergan, and Keflex. Also bought arnica to reduce swelling/bruising. I will get cream to reduce scar appearance at 1st post op.
To clarify, I will be getting Textured gel implants 325cc, moderate profile to be placed under the muscle, with anchor (not lollipop) lift.
I expressed my feelings about going larger but they said that going larger would cause me to sag too much and would need another lift eventually if I went bigger. I was told the 325's would bring me to D cup. So if this is true I will be happy. My PS has a great reputation, so I trust that he will do a great job.
Surgery is in 10 days. I'm going through some mixed emotions: excitement, fear, doubt, guilt. I guess these are all normal feelings. I just hope I do not regret this. Reading through the "possible but unlikely" risks doesn't help much. I just need to put everything away for today and revisit it when I'm thinking more clearly.

Post Op Day 1 BL BA - Louisville, KY

I'm nearly 24 hours past my procedure. Yes there is soreness and pain, but it is tolerable. I guess what you see in my pic can be termed frankenboob. It feels like they're right under my chin.
Luckily I have not had any nausea/vomiting. Probably the most unsettling is I feel like I can't get deep breaths due to the tightness.

I'm going to call my PS office today. Instructions said I can change out dressings but I never got any replacements. I can also bathe today.

I have no idea of what my new girls look like yet. Post op is next week.

2 Weeks post op

here are my 2 week pics, scar cream is working wonders!
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