Getting a BBL and Breast Augmentation/Implants for my Next Birthday - Louisville, KY

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I've hated my body my entire life, even after...

I've hated my body my entire life, even after losing a mad amount of weight... I realized it was just my lack of curves I was unhappy with. I had lost a large amount of weight and ended up being 5'3" and 90 lbs, and after recovering from my eating disorder, I have gotten back up to 100-105. 32-34 A/B. Still small breast, no curves, no butt. And I really, really just want to have large breasts and a defined waist followed by a large and shaped buttox. If I acheive these, I feel that eating and being healthy would be so much easier.

My main questions are about the costs and requirements.
I would be willing to put on weight and do whatever it took to become eligible, but I am concerned about back to back procedures for both the breast implants and butt lift.

My hopes are to have a very defined waist line, a big round butt, and a full C cup size.
My expectations aren't obscene, but I am hoping for this to be the thing that changes my horrible thoughts on my body.


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