Facial Fat Transfer- Dr. Banis - Louisville, KY

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I had a facial fat transfer to treat acne scars...

I had a facial fat transfer to treat acne scars with Dr. Banis last year and it was a terrible experience. He over filled my scars and even a year later I still have obvious fat pockets on my cheeck & a deep scar on my chin worse than I was even scarred before. I had huge knots all over my face and two huge painful knots on each side of my chin and cheeks for the better part of a year. He put so much fat in some places he had to do liposuction to suck the fat out 3months later, which was painful and left even deeper scars. Whenever I complained he always said it had not been enough time, but even a year later people still ask me what happened to my face. I had a second opinion from a different doctor 6 months later who agreed he had severely over-filled my face & taught me how to stretch & massage the knots to make them less noticeable, but even after a year and a laser peel I still have to massage a huge knot on my cheek twice a day. My friends told me he ruined my facd. I am disfigured because of Dr. Banis.

My huge knot

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It was awful. He was never rude, but he disfigured my face.

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