Negative Reaction to Botox Injections - Louisiana, LA

I have been getting Botox injections for tension...

I have been getting Botox injections for tension headaches 2-3 times/mth for about 5 yrs now. Other than pain narcotics that make me sick & completely unable to live a normal life, Botox is the only thing that helps. They make my life worth living. I never had a single bad experience til my last injections 3mths ago. Immediately after before the dr. Left the room, I had huge knots at every inj. site on my head & each temporal region. I asked the dr y b/c I had never had this reaction before, he told me that it was normal & they would clear up w/I 3-4hrs. So, I went home & 3 DAYS later, they finally began to subside only to Leave behind these huge, ugly, blue,, bulging veins. I had my follow-up appt. today & he's telling me that it's not from Botox inj., rather I probably have a vein disease. I was at least smart enough to take pics the day of the injections but I have to go in for testing tomorrow. I will still get the Injections b/c I don't like the drugs but I may find a new dr.


It's ultimately their choice

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