40 Yo 4 Children, 1 Grandbaby in Need of S Mommy Makeover. Louisiana, LA

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Hi Ladues! I've been on this site a few months...

Hi Ladues! I've been on this site a few months reading about your journey and I thought it was time I began documents my own. I started out only wanting a BBL but I have a lot of fat in my abdomen area therefore I would also need to have tummy tuck. I want to do the procedures the sabe day but I worry about runinihg the results of my BBL. I'm still in the early stage as I haven't found a Dr, but I have been doing lots of tease arch. Any advice would help!

Tummy Tick and BBL

I want to do my tummy tuck and bbl on the same day. I'm concerned about the recovery since you can not lay on your bottom for several weeks. How do you recover when you have both procedures without damaging the fat in the BBL? How do you lay?

I decided to add photos to get this journey going.

I'm not happy with my body. I'm 6ft and weigh 250 lbs. I am in desperate need of a BBL with aggressive Lipo (abs, flanks and thighsand a tummy tuck. Hopefully I am a candidate as I am praying to get these procedures done.
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