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My mastopexy (lift) is scheduled for April 26,...

My mastopexy (lift) is scheduled for April 26, 2017. I've always needed maximum support even when I was younger. Working out is now a part of my routine and my breasts are the only part of myself that won't benefit from exercise. I spill out of every bra and sports bra. I won't miss underwires and wearing a double bras for extra support at the gym.
I want to wear cute tops, strapless dresses and string bikinis!
My husband loves me either way, but having his support and encouragement makes this journey much easier. I get overwhelmed at the thought of having boobs that I might actually like. I've hated them for so long. The countdown is on!

New surgery date!

My surgery date was moved up a couple of days! One week from today! I'm getting nervous but cannot wait to start my improved boob journey!

The healing process begins!

My mastopexy was this morning. All I remember is coming out of surgery and wanting to pull the bra off. My husband said I angrily complained about the tightness! The ride home was a blur, but I remember that my breasts felt like they were on fire!! The burning subsided after an hour or so. I didn't have any nausea or vomiting from the anesthesia. But I did sleep for hours this afternoon! I have drains, but the right side is draining much more than the left side. The left side drain has basically been empty of any discharge. I'm living on crackers and Gatorade. All in all it's been a pretty good day just lounging in bed. Can't wait for my post-op appointment in the morning. Pics coming soon!

Post-op day 2

What an emotional morning! I got the first peek at my new breasts and couldn't be happier. Couldn't help but cry tears of joy! Pain has been minimal but I've been taking pain meds twice a day just is case. Drains were removed with no problem and I'll be resting for the rest of the day. A sports bra and a few pieces of gauze are keeping everything together painlessly and perfectly. Everything is going well so far!

First shower

My doctor gave me the ok to shower today. My husband helped but it was still a tough job. I rinsed all incisions then washed as best as I could with Hibiclens. The tough part came when I had to change the bra and dressings. It felt tight, painful and very irritating to the incisions under the breasts. I have a high pain tolerance, but I was close to fainting a few times and became nauseous. We were successful after trying a different bra. I'm not looking forward to the next shower or dressing change.

Feeling slightly normal again

I've stopped taking the narcotics during the day. But taking a Valium before bed tonight will help me to sleep. I'm normally a side sleeper, but this back sleeping is really killing my back and shoulder. I've tried pillows under my legs and arms but relief is temporary. I took another shower today and washed my hair with baby shampoo. Putting the sports bra and gauze was much easier today. Bruising seems to be appearing and judging from the bra it seems as though swelling is going down a bit. Posting a few pics of how incisions are looking after my shower today.

Worst day so far

I never thought I'd say this but I'm tired of resting. I've been depressed all day and I just feel like crying. I'm guessing the emotions are all part of the process. I did have a severe sharp pain in my left breast that came out of nowhere!! Cried immediately! I was afraid to even move after that. Thankfully it didn't last very long. The underside incisions are itching and irritated by the bra and gauze I use for padding. On a good note, my swelling seems to have gone down even more. Today I'm finding it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I know it's there. My husband and children have been a Godsend and have helped me every step of the way. I pray that I'm feeling better tomorrow.

Progress Collages

1 week update

Yesterday was my first outing since my surgery. I really needed a change of scenery and new pajamas. I'm feeling fine, just itchy incisions from time to time. Thankfully I have a great boss that allowed me another week off to get more rest. Netflix has also been my best friend this past week! Makes the days go by quicker. But here's a pic of my 1 week progress!

Almost 2 weeks post op

Anxiously awaiting my 2 week post op appointment. Ready for stitches to be removed and hoping these boobs get cleaned up a bit. I'm feeling pretty good. Some days are easier than others. But the itching is non-stop! I get painful spasms occasionally but they don't last very long. Every movement I make is slow and tiring. I can't wait to feel normal again! But these "girls" are looking better and better every day!

2 week post op appointment

The stitches and glue are gone! While the itchiness has subsided, I'm just sore now. My doctor did not apply steristrips or anything to cover the incisions; they'll just heal on their own. He advised that I start using scar cream (Biocorneum) next week (week 3). I can also start taking my multivitamins again next week. I had to stop taking Vitamin E for a while. I'm also allowed to start sleeping on my side again (if comfortable)!! I'm so excited about that! But everything is healing nicely and I love my results so far!

3 weeks post op update

To say that I've been exhausted is an understatement. I'm still taking it easy at home and work, but all I want to do is sleep. Maybe this is part of the healing process? Incisions are feeling raw and irritated. It's always nice when I can take my sports bra off at the end of the day. Besides feeling tired all is well. Just making my way through the healing process!
Trying on new bras is fun but brings on the tears at times! I don't have to adjust my boobs to make them fit into a bra anymore! The emotions overwhelm me and I can't help but cry happy tears. But a part of me feels like these new boobs are temporary and the saggy ones will come back soon! Although I know that's not true! It's part of the process I guess. Mentally and physically it will just take time for everything to fall into place. Glad I'm on this journey though!

4 weeks tomorrow

Healing is still going strong as you can see. Incisions feel raw and by the end of the day all I want to do is take my bra off. I'm still using Biocorneum twice a day for scaring. I really want that T zone to heal up! The indentions that you might see are from my bra. But I do have some bruising that hasn't quite went away yet.

5 week post op update

I've been feeling pretty good. Tenderness is still there but not nearly as bad. Incisions still feel raw. The left side has a small opening in the T area. I think the glue/scan may have fallen off too early. My doctor has me using wet/dry dressings to get that area healed up. I pour a saline solution (sodium chloride) on gauze then cover it with a nonstick pad twice a day. It's healing slowly, but it's happening. I'm off to Disney World soon and I'm a little worried about how my boobs will be effected. Hopefully no problems will occur and I won't have any issues while we are there.

Updated Collage

6 weeks post op

Went to Disney world and came back with an itchy rash all over my chest and especially on the bottom right side incision area. Not sure what's going on, but I happen to have an appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow. I don't have a post-op appt with my surgeon until later this month. Hoping to get this cleared up soon! I'm so miserable!

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