Rhinoplasty to Improve Breathing (Turbinite Reduction & Septoplasty) and Make Nose Smaller

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Did it to improve breathing (turbinite reduction...

Did it to improve breathing (turbinite reduction & septoplasty) and make nose smaller from profile view. Just had it done five days ago and my face is still swollen to the point that I look like a chipmunk, so it is hard to tell the final results..however from what I can see through the swelling I am pleased.

I had rhinoplasty five days ago at UCLA & went to my surgeon today to get the cast taken off. After leaving his office with my swollen nose exposed, I bumped it very hard from below and then later on at night I bumped it from the side - extremely painful! Is this going to affect healing or make it crooked? Or has my nse already settled into the shape it is going to heal in? I'm very worried and my doctor is out of town for Christmas until next week! Help! Also, one of my nostrils is numb and a different shape than the other one, is this normal?
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Best doctor at the best hospital, UCLA

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