Laser Only Works on Coarse Hair. If You Treat the Right Type of Hair, You'll Love the Results Like I Do! - Los Angeles

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I did extensive research before having LHR and...

I did extensive research before having LHR and picked the best laser for my skin type, an alexandrite (GentleLASE by Candela). I made sure to treat only dark coarse hair, i.e. my underarms, bikini and lower legs, and choose a clinic that was knowledgeable about settings (i.e. not undertreating because they're scared to burn you).

I got superb results. 95%+ removal on bikini and underarms in 6 treatments spaced 8-10 weeks apart. I got about 60-70% removal on my lower legs as I only got 3 treatments and don't feel the need to have more. The remaining hair is sparse and fine.

Make sure not to treat any areas with fine or sparse hair as it either won't get you results or will induce MORE hair. Don't let sales-oriented clinics convince you otherwise. Do your research on forums. And make sure the clinic you choose the a good true laser (not an IPL) and is knowledgeable enough to use aggressive settings that will actually disable the hair permanently. And yes, good settings hurt, but permanent removal of hair should be your goal. Use a numbing cream if yuo have to.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

This doctor has one of the best alexandrites on the market, GentleLASE, with an 18mm spot size. He's also very nice and understanding and will work with you to make you happy. He takes credit cards and there are no package to purchase.

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