Considering Fat Transfer to Correct Overliposuction of Cheeks

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Short story, I had my cheeks liposuctioned, this...

Short story, I had my cheeks liposuctioned, this made me look frightening and it was one of the most devastating experiences. I am considering fat grafting to correct this.

The liposuction was by far the most stupid thing I have ever done to myself. I look malnourished and much much older! I should have been happy with what God gave me!

I have a question for all doctors and patients who have done this. This is a tough one and I am pretty sure the answers will differ but I would love to hear all accounts! Lets say I had about 10cc of human fat/tissue removed by tumescent liposuction (there was that much in that tube that collects the liposuctioned fragments) reverse would you put back in 10cc of fat during transfer? Or more to account for fat resorption during transfer? Less to account that I used the tumescent technique? I am not sure how much of tumescent fat/tissue recovered from liposuction is equivalent to purified fat which is used for fat transfer? Help?!
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