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I just wanted to give fellow acne scar sufferers...

I just wanted to give fellow acne scar sufferers my view on the Dermaroller treatment. Between 2010-11, I had 10 dermaroller treatments at a clinic in London. They say that you see 'results over time' - it has now been around 3 years, and I can honestly say I have seen no improvement. Even shallow rolling scars have shown no improvement whatsoever, which is very disappointing as these were scars I was told dermaroller works particularly well on.

I strongly advise any of you thinking of having dermaroller to think carefully. I think it is marketed very well, and that's why it has been popular, rather than it producing any results. The idea that creating tiny wounds on the face will somehow cause the skin to heal itself is very convincing, and even I fell for it at first, but I don't think it's true. I think it just creates swelling for a few weeks, which 'fills out' the scars, but once it goes your face is back to how it was. Any improvement in skin tone is temporary, and is just due to your face shedding all the tiny scabs after the treatment. You get the same effect if you use a face scrub too hard at home.

I also think it uses the promise of 'results over time' to have a placebo-like effect (and to make you come back for more treatments), where you think it's working, but in reality any healing that takes place (if at all) is more likely to be due to the body's natural healing process. I have other scars not treated with dermaroller that have healed better over the past few years. Furthermore, by the time you realise it has not worked, the clinic probably no longer has a record of your treatment, or the clinic has closed or the doctor has left. A few weeks ago I contacted the clinic where I had these treatments, and I still haven't heard anything back.

Dermaroller in my experience was a mentally exhausting, financially draining and time consuming process that did not work. I would advise others to seek more effective alternative treatments, if they exist.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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