Chin Implants Are ROMANTICIZED - Los Angeles

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Many people make this procedure sound simple......

Many people make this procedure sound simple... However, I am still struggling after 4.5 months of having this implant in my face. I was opting for asian rhinoplasty at first but my doctor recommended a chin implant instead.. (My chin receded but it wasn't bad or anything.. it did me make me look young in a way). Also, I didn't even know my chin was small or receded until my doctor pointed it out... He said nothing was wrong with my nose and didn't want to perform rhino on me. I took his advice but and he inserted a size Small silicone chin implant...

I wanted to cry for 3 weeks straight. I've read a lot of stories online by people who said they've only been swollen or bruised for a week. I couldn't go out in a public because I looked disgusting and monstrous.

Although no one knew I got a chin implant, I hate the way I smile... I HAD SUCH A CUTE SMILE but now I rarely smile because it looks like I have no bottom teeth.. I am so sad. It also makes my small button Asian nose look even smaller/flatter with this protruding fake chin. I can't wait to get it out. It only looks decent when I don't smile... :( Also, my lips look smaller! I plan to get this thing out within 4 months or so... which will be 10 month post op... and I don't want it replaced with a smaller one. Anyone know if 10 months post op has been too long to remove an implant? I'm devastated..

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He works at Eben Ezer in Los Angeles. I wouldn't recommend him because he's not Board Certified in the United States... only in S. Korea. And I didn't realize that until RIGHT before the surgery.. I wasn't even notified during the consultation. He didn't go over ANY risks, and did not pacify any of my concerns.. He literally just laughed it off and said I was being dramatic.

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