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I am one month before my procedure. I am feeling...

I am one month before my procedure. I am feeling worried about how my kids (8 and 10) are going to react to the news that I am going through with this procedure. I feel like this is something a need to do to feel like myself. I had hoped that I would lose the proverbial "last ten pounds" pre-op but that doesn't seem to be happening (what? Cake and no exercise doesn't create weight loss? Whatever.) I have NEVER shared online before but I'm glad to feel patrol this community.

Had to postpone - mixed feelings

I have had to reschedule my surgery from April 8 until October. My daughter is having a particularly hard time right now and there was an event at her school I would have missed with the April date. Then we are moving into a new house in June, then school starts...
One of you wrote back something very supportive about waiting until this is the right time and was very kind and empathic about my struggles with my kids and their adjustments to my getting divorced. Thanks again.
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