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I've always admired people with light skin. I grew...

I've always admired people with light skin. I grew up in Guatemala so most people are pretty dark compared to americans and its almost like a status symbol if you have light skin in Guatemala because it shows you dont have to work in the sun to make a living.

Anywho, I finally decided to attempt to lighten my skin a few months ago. I did some research and a lot of people had some really terrible results! I grew up watching "saved by the bell" the tv show and the actress Lark Voorhies kept popping up while searching skin lightening products. She looked terrible! She obviously lightened her skin but it looked dry and pale. So I researched ingredients that would cause that effect because I wanted nothing to do with that. It turns out that the main ingredient that causes skin to look like that was "Hydroquinone". So i made sure to find a product that DID NOT USE Hydroquinone! I did not want her results.

So after a few days of research I found a product called Dernuva Skin Lightening Cream. It did not use 'hydroquinone' and used a lot of natural ingredients so I decided to give it a try and I am very happy with my results. The first week I didnt really see any results. but after about 2 weeks I noticed my skin was getting a little lighter. After a little over a month Im super happy with my results. My skin looks a lot lighter,healthy and I think it looks very natural and Ive received tons of compliments from my family. Im going to continue using it and will post my results in a month. But again whatever product you use I do not recommend using any product with 'hydroquinone'. i will keep you updated.
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